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SPOILER: a new person at the west wing spices things up and drags up some feelings.

"Only The Tip Of The Iceburg" 5/?

It was about two hours later and Susie was just making her way around. CJ had sent her
on a hunt for any information about a secretary that was spilling to the press, and since
Susie was well liked by the secretaries it wouldn’t be to hard. Susie was just about to
make her way to Louise Mclain when Donna grabbed her arm and swung her around into
a corner, which really scared Susie.
“Hey!” Susie cried, thinking that she was being abducted.
“Sorry, are you okay?” Donna said, as she too was surprised by her own strength.
“Ya, I guess. Geez, Donna, did you put steriods in your Wheates this morning.” Susie
said, rubbing her arm.
“Oh, toughin up you baby.” Donna said playfully as she took a swipe at Susie’s arm.
“Oww. Donna! Did you grab me and take me over here just to abuse me or do you have
some remote point to this whole thing?” Susie said, becoming less and less patient.
“Okay, Josh! Sorry. Actually, speaking of Josh....” Donna said as her voice trailed off.
“Wha. What about Josh, Donna?” Susie said, trying to look Donna in the eye.
“I just heard something.” Donna said, looking at Susie whose eyes were becoming wider
and wider as Donna continued to speak.
“What did you hear, Donna?” Susie said, sternly.
“Um..well.” Donna said, as she began to walk away.
“Donna.” Susie said, lightly grabbing her arm.
“I heard something, that is why I am coming to you, to find out if it is true.” Donna said,
as she put her hand to her face.
“Um...wella, I don’t know, Donna.” Susie said, a little scared
“I heard he loves me. Does he love me, does Josh love me?” Donna said, completely
focused on Susie.
“Oh, Donna do...” Susie began to say, until she was interrupted by Donna. Susie honestly
thought that there was really nothing between Josh and Donna She just liked to see Josh
get uncomfortable, Susie knew that they flirted but thought nothing of it, until.
“Because I have been waiting to hear him say that for the longest time. I never really
knew how I felt until recently, but I always kept it to myself. I dated, believe me, just
because I wasn’t going to get all worked up about it, but now it is different, you know.
He feels the same way, but I don’t know what to do.” Donna said, smiling. Susie felt her
heart sink, she forced Josh to say that he loved her, now it got back to Donna and to make
it worse she really DID love him. Susie looked Donna right in the eye and said.....
“Uhha.” Then Susie bolted away from Donna as fast as she could. She couldn’t tell
Donna the truth, it would crush her, so running away was the best choice, Susie had to go


She walked down the hall with her head down, trying to not run in to anyone, but
that wasn’t the case. The faster she walked, the more people tried to get her attention.
First it was Sam, who just said her name, then Josh. She so, did not want to see Josh right
now, and then CJ was trying to get her attention and eventually began chasing her down
the hall and eventually ended up in Toby’s dark office. She rushed in, shut the door
behind her, and sat in an empty chair and vigorisly began rubbing her head.
“Do that for about a hundred more hours and then you’ll be caught up with me.” Toby
said, smiling.
“What are you doing in a dark office?” Susie said, especially with her eyebrows.
“It IS my office, what are you doing in my dark office?” Toby asked.
“Um. thinking.” Susie answered.
“Oh, I see. Me too.” Toby said.
“What are you thinking about?” Susie said, this way, she wouldn’t have to think about
anything outside Toby’s dark office.
“I would care not to tell you.” Toby said, looking at his desk.
“Hey, no problem.” Susie said, holding up her hands.
“What are you thinking about?” Toby asked, trying to get off his subject.
“I would care not to tell you, at least not yet.” Susie said, trying to smile.
“Okay.” Toby said, smiling.
“So, are we just going to sit in this dark room together in silence?” Susie asked.
“Well, I’m fine with it, but if you are really uncomfortable, you could look at the new draft
I just wrote for that party thing next week.” Toby said, pointing to his laptop.
“Okay.” It sounded like a good idea, since she really didn’t want to think. Susie made her
way around the back of Toby’s desk and over his shoulder and started to read. They were
incredibly close, but neither could really tell since it was so dark in the room.
“I don’t know about this line.” Susie said, trying to be nice.
“Oh, ya, me either. I was still debating about leaving it in, I guess I know what to do
now.” Toby said smiling as he looked at Susie, in turn she looked at him. They stared at
each other for what seemed like hours, until Susie stood up and started pacing around.
“Ohhh, what was THAT!! This is sooo not what I need right now!” Susie said, still
“Um...I..” Toby began until Sam walked in.
“Oh, hey, wow, it’s dark in here.” Sam said as he flicked on the light switch. Susie need
to get out of there, she began to walk out the door.
“Hey, Susie. Where you off to?” Sam asked, light-heartedly.
“CJ.” Susie replied.
“Okay, never been there.” Sam said, trying to joke.
“Shut up, Sam.” Toby and Susie said in unison which caused them to look at each other
before Susie walked out the door.


Only The Tip Of The Iceburg - 6



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