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SPOILERS: a new member joins the gang at the west wing and starts shakin things up.

"Only The Tip Of The Iceburg" 7/?

Susie had to think things over again, that is, in the Toby situation. She sort of paced
around not looking at anything but the ground. Her head was filled with all kinds of
things, she would ask herself about Toby but then get side-tracked about just what Josh
was going to do. Susie was completely oblivious to what was going on around her and
when somebody tried to talk to her, she didn’t respond until the third time her name was
“Susie, hello?” Leo asked her as he watched her pace around.
“Wha, ya.” Susie said, looking up.
“Are you okay? You look like your in a trance or something.” Leo said with as much
compassion as he could muster.
“Ya, ha. I’m okay. Just thinking.” Susie said, as she continued to pace, she didn’t even
see Leo leave and Toby appear.
“Hey.” Toby said, quietly, and with that Susie looked up expecting to see Leo and not at
all prepared to see Toby.
“Aaa...” Was all that Susie could manage to say.
“Okay.” Toby said with a smile. He looked very calm, Susie thought, figuring that she
had been on edge for the past few hours.
“Whoa I think I’m really losing touch.” Susie said as she spun around trying to find Leo.
“Yes, I would have to agree.” Toby said, also looking around, then looking back at Susie.
“How are you doing?” Toby asked gently.
“Um..I don’t really know. What was that in there?” Susie said, having a weak smile.
“What our little moment?” Toby said smiling.
“Yes, that is exactly how I described it.” Susie said, smiling at Toby.
“Described it to who?” Toby said, smile fading.
“Oh, nobody. That is how I WOULD describe it.” Susie said, trying to recover.
“Oh, okay.” Toby said, nodding.
“Ya, so what was that?” Susie asked.
“Ah, I think I like you.” Toby said, honesly, which sent Susie back a bit. He was so blunt
and straightforward and seemed to be at ease with it.
“You do?” Susie said, not knowing just what to think.
“Yes, I do.” Toby said, completely.
“And your okay with this?” Susie said, surprised.
“Ya, well, not at first. It is pretty hard to come to terms with the fact that you have
feelings for someone who makes you go insane.” Toby said in a sarcastic, yet thoughtful
“Okay.” Susie said with a smile.
“So?” Toby said, meeting with Susie’s eyes.
“What?” Susie replied.
“How do you feel about me?” Toby asked, with puppy-dog-eyes.
“Oh no, Toby. I can’t answer that, really I can’t. Not now.” Susie said, honestly.
“Fine. It’s okay.” Toby said as he began to walk away, but not before he took Susie up in
his arms and planted a kiss on her that she would not soon forget.
“I’ll get back to you.” Toby said, almost skipping away as Susie remained on her


CJ was in search of, well, anybody. She went from room to room looking for any
one of the staff members, until she spotted Toby and Susie down the hall. After that, she
made an effort to get to them and in the process witnessed Toby kiss Susie.
“What was that?” CJ said as she reached Susie who was still elevated by her toes and lips
that were still puckered.
“I couldn’t tell you.” Susie answered as she lowered herself to the ground and started
rubbing her face.
“Toby kissed you.” CJ said, laughing.
“Gee, thanks CJ. You are so observant.” Susie said, rather sarcastically.
“I can see Toby has rubbed off on you, in more ways than one.” CJ said, laughing at her
own joke.
“Not funny. And I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be snippy.” Susie said, looking at CJ.
“Hey, it’s okay. I would be the same way if I was in your situation.” CJ said, as she
placed her hand on Susie’s shoulder.
“By any chance, have you seen Josh and/or Donna?” Susie said, almost desperately.
“Actually, ya. I saw Josh talking to Donna a little bit ago but then he took her into his
office and I thought best not to interrupt them, because, well, you know.” CJ said with
one hand on her hip.
“Really?? Oh, man. Oh, man. I have to see what is going on. Come on, CJ” Susie said,
almost as a command as she took the taller woman by the elbow and led her to Josh’s
office door.


Only The Tip Of The Iceburg - 8



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