~ 2 hours later ~

Maddi and Sam are walking down a street eating ice cream cones. Maddi
starts laughing at something Sam says. "It's not that funny." He says to her
"ya it is, it's really funny." She responds "Changing the subject, is it
weird working for your father?" "I don't actually work *for* my father." "You
know what I mean. " "Um. Actually it's not a weird as I thought it would be."
"But he can just walk down the hall and know what you're doing. That doesn't
bug you? " "He could find out what I'm doing no matter what. So I can't say
that that's a disadvantage." Just then they are caught in a downpour. They
rush into the waiting secret service limo. "That was refreshing." Maddi says.
Sam laughs. "Spring showers." "Well, I was heading back to the White House.
I'm repainting my apartment." "Ya I've got to get home to" "Tonight was
nice." "Ya, it was." Sam leans closer to her and gives her a kiss. When they
break it Maddi smiles. "Thanks" Sam smiles "We should do this again
sometime." Maddi leans close to him and kisses him. When the kiss ends Sam
laughs "I meant we should go out again." Maddi giggles, I know. She leans
forward and gives him a quick kiss, he pulls her into a long passionate kiss.



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