INTRO: i wrote the first part of this story awhile ago and never wrote a second part because i got wrapped up in my other one.   if   you want to read the first part you have to go lookin for it. 

DISCLAIMER: they aint mine, just borrowing. 

SPOILERS: josh and donna get stuck in a traffic jam, but it could be the quiet time they need.

"Stuck In The Middle With You" 2/?

Leo was stressing out big time, and there was no sign of Josh, and he wasnít real
confident that he would be back soon because he had been gone for quite a while. He
called together the rest of the staff to clue them in, and give them more work.
"Okay, okay. Everybody sit. First off, has anybody heard or seen Josh in the past 3
hours?" Leo asked, knowing the answer. And he was met by the silence of the senior
"Ya, thats what I thought. Okay, well, Josh is AWOL and because of this fact, I am
distributing his work out to all of you." That was met by groans of the rest of the staff.
No one was concerned about where Josh was, but the were miffed that they had to do his
"I donít see how this is fair." Toby butted in.
"Wow, Toby. Me either." Leo said, as he turned to face his desk.
"Ya, Leo, I barely have enough time to do the work I need to get done." Sam said,
"I know that, donít you think I know that. That is why when I get my hands on Josh, I
wonít kill him completely, I will leave that to you guys, okay?" Leo said, with his
eyebrows raised.
"Okay, I guess." Toby replied as they all nodded.
"Okay, you have a lot of work to do, so get crakiní." And with that the agitated senior
staff all went their separate directions to do Joshís work.


"Okay, truth or dare?" Donna said, playfully.
"Um...Dare." Josh said, in the cramped car that they had been sitting in for many hours.
"Okay, I dare you to.....lick the bottom of my shoe!" Donna said like a sixth grader as she
pulled off one of her shoes.
"Umm...OK!" And with that Josh put his tounge on the bottom of Donnaís shoe.
"EWWW." Donna shrieked.
"Ugh." Is all that Josh managed to get out.
"Okay, my turn." Josh said, smacking his tounge around.
"Truth or dare?" Josh said, as he raised only one eyebrow.
"Dare!" Donna said, a bit scared.
"Okay, I dare you to moon those people in the car over there." Josh said as he pointed
out her window.
"Oh, no." Donna said as she looked out.
"Yes, you have to, thats the rules of the game." Josh said, pleased.
"Oh, okay." Donna said, as she pulled down her pants and stuck her butt on the window
as Josh was overcome with laughter. The look of horror on the people in the car was
priceless and when Donna eventually sat down her face was beat red.
"Oh, my, god, that was the funniest thing I have seen in a long, long, long time!!" Josh
said, still laughing as Donna began to laugh also.
"I canít believe I just did that." She said in shock.
"Okay, your turn." Josh said with a smile.
"Okay, truth or dare?" Donna said, her cheeks still red.
"Um..Iím gonna go with truth, itís safer." He said, still smiling.
"Okay, um...would you ever date me?" The question stopped him in his tracks, this truely
came out of left field.
"What?" He said, not laughing.
"Well, I was just wondering, since Iíve been having a dry spell lately and I was wondering
if it is just me and before I was having a lucky spell, or something. So?" Donna said.
"Oh, I see." He felt the pressure go down a hundred points. He wouldnít know just how
to answer her in that respect. Sometimes he just felt so right with Donna, and he really
liked that, but lately he had been trying to win Joeyís heart and the thing with Donna never
really seemed like a good idea, it was just something that ran through his mind every once
in awhile, nothing more.
"Well??" Donna said, still wanting an answer.
"Ya, sure. I would totally date you. Your pretty, smart, funny, and a challenge. But
thatís a turn on." Josh said, trying to raise her spirits.
"Your just saying that." Donna turned, not to face him.
"No, really, Iím not. Donna, you are a real catch, I canít believe you donít know that."
He said honestly.
"Thanks Josh, you know, when you not being a complete ass, you are the most charming,
funny, and great guy I have ever known." Donna replied which brought silence into the
air. What could they say, they had both basically told each other how they felt but in the
safe way. Josh turned to Donna, and they just looked at each other for awhile.



Stuck In The Middle With You - 3



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