INTRO: here is part 3, i think. this is my little pet project, so i dont know when i will write more. feedback will certainly push my lazy butt a little more, so that is always nice.
DISCLAIMER: aint mine, just borrowin
SPOILERS: josh and donna get caught in a traffic jam and the quiet time is just what they need.

"Stuck In The Middle With You" 3/?

The car had been quiet for a couple minutes now. Neither of them knew how to proceed.
Donna hated uncomfortable silence, and figured Josh was the same, but for the life of her,
she couldnít think of anything to say. Until she noticed something.
"Josh!" Donna said, pointing out of his window. Josh was so glad she had said
"What?" Josh responded, looking out his window.
"The guy has a cell phone! Go ask him if you can use it!" Donna replied, rather
"Oh, good idea, Donna." Josh said, gratefully.
"Thatís what you hired me for." Donna said, proudly, as she crossed her arms.
"Very true. Iíll be right back." Josh responded as he got out of the car and made his way
over to the man.
"Hey, buddy." Josh said,as he tapped on his window.
"Yes?" The man said, impatiently.
"Hi, I am in big trouble and I was wondering if I could use your phone?" Josh said, while
making a puppy-dog face. The man studied him, and finally gave in.
"Ya, sure. Just make it quick, okay?" The man said, almost as if he was being
"Yes, of course. Thank you." Josh said, as he grabbed the phone and showed it to Donna
who gave him a thumbs-up sign.
"Ya." The man responded. Josh began to dail, but the only number he could remember
was the one to his office, but he tried it anyway. The phone rang, and Josh prayed
desperatly that someone would answer. He was lucky. It turns out that CJ, Sam, and
Toby all took shifts for answering Joshís phone until they could get a temp.
"Hello, Josh Lymanís office." Sam said, cheerily.
"Oh, man. It is so good to hear you." Josh said, as he exhaled loudly.
"Where are you?!" Sam replied, almost meanly.
"Me and Donna have been stuck in this huge traffic jam for hours." Josh said, as he
looked out on the packed highway.
"Ya, well, Leo is pissed. So is Toby. He has to do some of your work." Sam said, as he
put his feet up on Donnaís desk
"Oh, man. I can handle Leo, but Toby?" Josh replied, afraid.
"Ya." Sam said, nodding.
"Well, I have no idea when we are going to get out of this mess. It is so packed." Josh
said, standing on his tippy-toes trying to look down the road.
"Oh, ya it is." Sam said, as he turned on the news and they had an arial shot of the
"How do you know?" Josh said, confused.
"I just turned on the news. It seems there was this big accident, your stuck." Sam
informed Josh.
"Geez, thanks Sam, weíve just been sitting here for the past 5 hours thinkin we were
getting somewhere." Josh said, sarcastically.
"So, you and Donna in a car together, huh?" Sam said, with a slick smile that Josh
couldnít see.
"Ya, so?" Josh replied, starting to blush as he turned away from Donna.
"What are you guys doing to pass the time?" Sam continued, smirking.
"You never cease to amaze me. You can be such an honest, clean guy, and now you go
all creepy on me." Josh said, trying to get off the subject.
"What, this is guy talk." Sam said, a little hurt.
"Oh, that is what this is?" Josh responded, hearing the tone in Samís voice.
"Ya, well, that is what I was going for." Sam said, sitting upright now.
"Okay, well, tell Leo what is going on. And tell him I will be back as soon as I can" Josh
said, trying to end the conversation.
"Sure. And you know Iím right." Sam said, beginning to stand.
"Right about what?" Josh said, confused.
"About the whole Donna thing." Sam said, standing.
"What? Get out of here. There is nothing." Josh said, defensively.
"Sure, but this time alone could be just what the doctor ordered." Sam said, with an odd
"Was that more guy talk?" Josh said, smiling.
"No, I donít think so." Sam said, confused.
"Just tell Leo, okay?" Josh said, beginning to hang up.
"Ya, okay." Sam said, as he hung up the phone.





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