INTRO: hey all, i have about 3 stories out with no ending, but this one has been buzzing around my head and since the west wing starts up in a couple of weeks i thought i would throw this one out there before the premiere. ok, feedback is just the best and i would really appreciate it. thanks, oh and for people who are waiting for me to finish another one of my stories don't worry. i will.
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SPOILERS: my idea of what happened after the shooting.

"Would You Save A Place For Me" p1/?

The shots rang louder than anything they had ever heard before. Just seconds ago the
crowd was cheering and everyone was laughing, now, silence. There was chaos all
around, but not a sound, nothing. It was like the air had suddenly gone heavy and all was
blurred. No one knew anything for sure and the whole staff was panicked. Toby was
nearest to Josh and once the bullets flew they both hit the ground. Toby was a little
disoriented because he hit his head on the fence pretty hard, but he was slowly regaining
his composure. The fuzziness cleared and he saw flashing lights and people buzzing
around him, he slowly turned his head to the left and saw Josh with his face on the fence
and his eyes closed. Toby slowly made his way over to his friend, inching and inching.
The closer he got, the more pain he experienced. Toby concluded that he might have been
stepped on in the stampede. He got to Josh and grabbed his bicep tightly.
"Josh? Hello, Josh!" Toby said, loudly as he turned him over. Soon after, Toby saw the
blood stain that was growing by the minute.
"Oh, man. Josh, yo, Josh, wake up!" Toby shouted as he delicately slapped Josh’s face.
He saw the man wince in pain and slowly open his eyes.
"Josh! Josh?" Toby said, just trying to get a response out of his colleague.
"Oh, ah." Was all Josh could muster as he tried to correct his vision.
"Josh, wake up. How are you?" Toby said, as he deserpately tried to stay cool, and
looked around for a paramedic. Josh soon looked down to see his wound that had
captured his belly.
"Oh, Toby." Josh said, still looking down at the blood.
"Ya, I know buddy." Toby said, with compasion. Before Josh had responded, Toby
thought that he was doing a good job at maintaining calmness, but after he heard Josh’s
pathetic tone, his heart sank. This was a man who helped run the country, and knew it,
now he was reduced to tears and a bullet was lodged somewhere inside of him.
"Oh, man. Toby, it hurts man." Josh said as he held tightly on to his wound.
"Just hang tight I’m going to go find a paramedic or somebody, okay?" Toby said, as he
began to stand. It was amazing how he was hurting as he trying to make his way over to
Josh, but now, knowing Josh’s condition, the pain had subsided.
"Ya, okay." Josh replied, along with a sad laugh that almost turned into a cry. Toby
stood up quickly and scanned the maddening crowd for any assistance. He saw people
gathered around Leo, then a paramedic by CJ and Sam. He finally saw two by Zoey and
Charlie and desperately tried to get one of theirs attention.
"Hey!! Hey, medic! Over here!" Toby yelled as he began to jump and flail his arms. He
did succeed in getting one of theirs attention. He actually got both, and most of the staff’s
too. Before the paramedics got to him he saw CJ and Sam look at him inquisitively. Toby
took them to Josh who was sweating and beginning to loose conscienceness.
"Josh, these people are going to help you, okay?" Toby said as he took Josh’s cold hand.
"Ya, okay." Josh said, bravely.
"Is there anything you need?" Toby said, trying to draw attention away from the fact that
the paramedics were sticking him and messing with him.
"Ya, call Donna. Okay, Toby." Josh said, trying to lean closer to his friend.
"Call Donna." Toby replied.
"Yes, call Donna, would ya?" Josh said, as he laid down and exhaled.
"Sure, anything." Toby responded
"Good." Josh said back.
"Okay, Mr. Ziegler. Back away, we need to get this man on the truck. He is in very
serious condition." One of the paramedics stated.
"I’ll call her right away, Josh. Don’t worry. We will all be there shortly." Toby called as
the hauled Josh away. Toby sighed and ran his hand across his sweaty brow. Not shortly
after a paramedic grabbed Toby and started to lead him away.
"Wait, what are you doing?" Toby asked, harshly.
"It is protocol to bring each of the Senior Staff to the hospital to check them for further
injuries. Besides, the back of your head is bleeding, you might have a concusion." The a
young male paramedic replied as cool as possible. Toby was about to argue, but his head
did hurt and he was beginning to get sick, so he gave in. It also did help to see that both
Sam and CJ were going through the same thing. The man helped Toby on to the truck
and was proceeded by Sam and CJ.
"Hey, how you holding up?" CJ asked, tentatively.
"Um...okay, I guess. I might have a concusion." Toby replied, plainly.
"Oh, ya. I need stitches for my head." CJ said, as Toby looked up and just noticed the
large bandaide on her forehead.
"You okay, Toby?" Sam asked, gently.
"Ah, no, not really." Toby responded as he put his head in his hands.
"What’s wrong?" CJ asked as she beat Sam to it.
"Well, I just saw Josh get wheeled off, covered in blood. My hands are still stained from
holding his hand. He got shot in the stomach." Toby told them, without emotion.
"Oh my God." CJ responded by placing her hand to her mouth.
"Is he going to be alright?" Sam asked, caringly.
"They don’t know." Toby said as he tried to place his head on the wall of the truck but
realized it hurt to much. Just then, he remembered something.
"Do either of you have a phone?" Toby asked them, only meeting with confused looks.


Would You Save A Place For Me - 2



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