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"Would You Save A Place For Me" p2/?

Donna was wandering aimlessly around Joshís office searching for something. She really
didnít know what to do with herself when Josh wasnít there. He always kept her busy.
Even with the most trivial things, but now she was bored and she decided to look for a file
that Josh had been bugging her about for a week or so. She delicately picked up files and
tried to place them in the same position as they were before she had begun searching. Just
then, a call rang from her phone at her desk. At first, it made her jump. But by the second
ring, she took off to catch the call.
"Hello?" Donna said, out of breath.
"Donna?" Toby said, uneasily.
"Toby?" Donna said, thoroughly surprised. Toby bearly spoke to her in the office, so a
phone call was certainly not expected.
"Yes, itís Toby. Listen, Donna, I called for a reason." Toby spoke, tenderly. Donna was
prepare to banter with him, but as soon as her ears had touched upon the levity of his
tone, she thought better of it.
"What is it Toby?" Donna said as she slowly sat down on her desk. She was becoming
more and more worried by each passing second.
"Itís Josh." Toby replied.
"Whatís Josh? What are you talking about Toby?" Just then, Toby realized that she
hadnít heard anything about the shooting. It seemed like hours had gone by since those
bullets flew, but as Toby looked down at his watch, he found that only about 15 minutes
had gone
"Um...there was an assasination attempt, after the Presidentís speech." Toby began.
"Oh my God. Is the President okay?" Donna replied, trying to sift through all the
"Yes, well I think. But. Donna, Josh was shot." Toby said, as he could almost hear
Donnaís heart hit the floor.
"What?" Donna said, almost in a whisper. She hadnít meant to be that quiet, but the air
was caught in her chest and that was the loudest tone she could muster.
"We were all walking out and then we heard gun shots, and once it was all over I looked
over at Josh and he was shot." Toby said, in a frantic sort of way. Donna didnít respond.
"They took him to County General. I think you should get over there, Donna. He asked
me to call you." Toby said, in order to break the silence that had consumed the
"He asked for me?" Donna said, in a blur.
"Yes, he did. That is why I think you should get over there." Toby replied, in a
comforting tone.
"Okay. Is that where you are going?" Donna said, gathering her things.
"Ya, we are on our way right now." Toby said, making eye contact with CJ who gave a
sad look as she put her hand to her heart.
"Okay, Iím on my way. Toby?" Donna replied, sounding almost like an 8 year old girl.
"Yes, Donna." Toby said, desperatly wanting the call to be over.
"Is he going to be okay?" Donna said, trying to hold back tears.
"I donít know." Toby replied as he let his head drop.
"Okay, Iím on my way." Donna said, trying to be strong. Her head had been racing ever
since Tobyís call. A few people had stopped to ask her what was wrong, and she told
them. Soon after, people would ask about other people, but Donna was not equiped with
those answers and she told them that she would call them with any new information. She
didnít get out of the White House for 20 minutes, and she honestly couldnít tell you what
she did in those 20 minutes. She made her way to her car, and got in. She was scared,
angry, confused, which made a real mess. Right then, in her car, she decided to get herself
together. Josh needed her, and she couldnít let him down. She turned on the car, and
began on her way to the hospital.
Soon after Toby made his phone call, the truck arrived and CJ, Sam, and Toby
were pushed out. Surprisingly, the hospital was packed. CJ even made a comment about
how she thought they would have cleared it out, and Sam and Toby nodded agreeingly.
They slowly made there way to the front desk, and as the approached, saw a lot of familiar
faces. Some of the press corps were seated on chairs and some were even in beds, being
examined by doctors. All three of them looked completely out of place, everything was
moving except them. Then, from the giant swinging doors, a loud bang. Four secret
service agents appeared, talking on little radios. Not too long after, the President
appeared, being wheeled in on a bed.
"Iím okay, dammit Let me out of this bed!" The President cried loudly. Almost in
unison, Sam, CJ, and Toby breathed a sigh of relief as they saw the President.
"Oh, Mr. President. It is so good to see you." CJ said, approaching the ill-tempered man,
who slowly began to relax when he saw them.
"Oh, are you guys allright? I was so worried. I begged them to let me come back, but I
really donít have much authority in these types of situations." The President said, exhaling
and shrugging his shoulders as he began to rub his head.
"Yes, we are fine. We donít know about anyone else." Sam told the President.
"You donít know about Leo? What about Josh?" The President replied, looking at Sam
and then CJ. Both Sam and CJ turned to Toby, who breathed out loudly.
"Josh was shot, sir. Last time I saw him, he didnít look so good." Toby replied, abruptly.
"Oh, my. So you havenít heard anything since?" The President said, saddened.
"No, sir." Toby replied, looking at the President.
"Oh," the President said, rubbing the back of his neck,"Someone should call Donna." He
stated plainly.
"I already have, sir." Toby told the man, who was looking older and older as the new got
"Good. Have yourselves checked out, ya hear." The President said, as he was wheeled
away to a private room. Sam, CJ, and Toby looked at each other as an orderly began to
take there names.


Would You Save A Place For Me - 3



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