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"Would You Save A Place For Me" p3/?

Donnaís feelings were a bit odd. She wasnít exactly sad, or scared really, it was a feeling
of disbelief. Josh always had this aura of being not human, or something. A bullet
couldnít kill him, it would take kryptonite or something, but that wasnít the case. Donna
was numb. Of course, Toby didnít say what was wrong with Josh or any details so Donna
didnít really know how to feel. She was thinking all the way to the hospital. She had just
seen him a few hours ago, but that could be the last time. She shuddered a bit, and tried
to shake that thought out of her head. She finally made it, but didnít know how because
she certainly wasnít paying attention to the road. She got out and suddenly felt very cold,
the warm summer night had turned wintery. She made her way to the ER and began to
shake. She was about to ask the man behind the desk when she heard someone call her
"Donna?" The voice called, she was hoping it was Josh, but it wasnít. CJ was
approaching the young blonde woman.
"Oh, CJ? Are you okay?" Donna asked as the two hugged.
"Ya, Iím fine, just a few stitches." CJ said, as she pointed to the gash on her forehead.
"Oh, as long as your okay. What about Sam and Toby?" Donna asked scanning the
hospital for any sign of them.
"They are okay. Toby might have a concusion, and I think Samís arm might be broken."
CJ said, pointing to them.
"Oh, what about Leo, the President. What about Danny? What about Josh?" Donnaís
voice cracked as she mentioned Josh. Donna knew that if any one of the staff were hurt
she would be at the hospital for them. But Josh, he was closer than that. They were
friends, she counted on him and he counted on her. She couldnít even fathom losing him,
not this way, not any way. CJ noticed the change in her voice.
"Well, I donít know about Leo. When we got here, it was all sort of a mess. The
President is okay, they brought him here earlier, and took him home. I havenít even
thought about Danny." CJ paused for a second, feeling guilty. "And as for Josh, I donít
know, hun." CJ finished as she put one hand on Donnaís shoulder.
"Ya, okay." Donna said, holding her breath.
"Donít worry. Both you and I know Josh, okay. He is going to pull through this and his
ego is going to get even bigger because he knows not even a bullet is going to stop him."
CJ said, smiling.
"Ya, your right." Donna said, smiling.
"Letís find out where he is, and how he is, okay?" CJ spoke delicately.
"Ya, okay." Donna responded as the two women made their way to the admitions desk.

The President didnít like being shot at, as you could imagine, but he didnít like
being separated from his staff either. They were targets too, and it was hard to get
information when your being pushed around. The only injury that the President had
sustained was a bump on the head from being pushed into the limo so fast. So, not only
was he ticked that people were shooting at him, and his daugter, and he didnít know how
his staff were doing, he had a headache that was crippling. Needless to say, he was being
a big pain in the butt to anyone within range.
"I want to know how my staff are doing, dammit!" The President shouted in his rage. He
did this about every 10 minutes or so, then calmed down and started up again.
"Iím sorry Sir. I donít have that kind of information." The new, young security guy
replied to the President.
"Oh, well, that is just great, son!" The President shouted, which made the rookie jump.
The President had been working on one of the older guys with no such luck, but he could
tell that the young guy was beginning to crack. If itís one thing the President has an eye
for, it is weakness.
"Come on! You canít keep me couped up like this. I need to know about the people I
care about!" The President shouted one last time, and just as the young guard was about
to answer, another voice came from behind him.
"JED! Leave the poor boy alone. Please." Abigail Bartlet told her husband as all the
anger left his face as he embraced his wife. Tears began to form on both of their eyes and
the Presidents knees began to go weak.
"Itís okay. I was so worried. I thought I had lost you." Abigail confessed as they both
took a seat. This whole time the President appeared to have a hold on things, but with
Abbey, he could let go.
"I was so scared, Abbey. I heard those shots and I froze. I donít even know how anyone
is doing. I talked to CJ, Toby, and Sam, but it doesnít sound good Abbey." The
President confessed as his eyes began to swell up again.
"Donít worry. Jed, you have some of the strongest people on your staff, and Iím sure we
will all get through this, okay?" Abbey said, taking her husbands face in her hands.
"I love you." The President replied gruffly.
"I love you, too." Abbey said, as she kissed his forehead.


Would You Save A Place For Me - 4



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