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"Would You Save A Place For Me" 4/?

Donna and CJ slowly approached the admitions desk, not really knowing what to expect.
Donna was finding it hard to breath. If she didn’t know about Josh, she could keep a little
hope saved, but if she found out that he was fatally wounded,, she couldn’t think
like that. Her feet seemed like lead, and each step was becoming harder and harder. She
was about to open her mouth to speak when CJ began.
"Yes, hello. I was wondering if you could give us any information on a Joshua Lyman
that came in here a little while ago." CJ said, politely.
"Oh, yes, I’ll see what I can do." The admitions secretary said as she wheeled off in her
little chair. Donna’s thinking was scattered, to say the least. She tried to think about Josh
but her mind would wonder. She would think about what she would do if he was really
hurt, and then her mind would immediately go to worrying if she shut off the stove. She
looked at CJ for a second and another thought popped into her head.
"Oh, CJ. Danny was there, wasn’t he?" Donna said, hoping to get all the emotion off her.
"Ya, I don’t if he was out there when the shots were fired, but he was there." CJ said,
looking out the window
"Do you think he is okay?" Donna said, wearily.
"I..I think so. I hope so." CJ said, as he voice began to weaken.
"I can’t believe this happened. It’s like a movie or something. Not real I knew the risks
of this job, and there have been assasination attempts before, even assasinations, but I
never, ever thought this would happen." Donna said, looking at the lime green floor that
covered the ER.
"Me either, Donna. Especially not me." CJ said, smiling painfully.
"Well, let’s get up and see how Toby and Sam are doing, okay?" CJ said, as she stood up.
"Ya, okay. Oh, I haven’t even seen Toby yet. Is he okay?" Donna asked the taller
woman as they started to walk away.
"Well, Toby was a pain in the ass before bullets were shot at him, so I don’t even want to
know." CJ said, sarcastically, as Donna smiled.

"Joshua Lyman, age 36, gunshot wound to the lower left abdomen. Extreme blood loss,
still conscienous." The paramedic shouted from the back of the ambulance.
"Hey, hey." Josh said, weakly, as he grabbed at the medic’s shirt.
"Whoa, Mr. Lyman. Just sit tight, we are on our way to the hospital." He said, as Josh
nodded, but things were getting fuzzy.
"Am I going to be alright?" Josh said, in almost a whisper.
"Ya, sure." The paramedic said, after a long pause. The pulled up to the hospital shortly
after, and Josh was struggling to even keep his eyes open
"Let’s go!" The paramedic shouted as he pulled Josh out of the truck.
"What we got?" A doctor called from down the hall.
"A 36 year old male, gunshot wound to the lower left abdomen. We gave him a quart of
O negative, but he is losing blood fast." The paramedic said, as they started to gain speed.
During this whole process, Josh was coming in and out of consciencness. Fading to black
then staring up at the hall lights. He had to stay awake, but it was so hard. He heard them
talking. ‘Lower left abdomen’ and ‘blood loss’, but he had to stay awake. He clutched at
his pant leg, and began to drift. Ironically, he didn’t feel the gun shot, not know, at least.
He did, however, feel the bruise on his butt from when he falled earlier that day. ‘I missed
my chair.’ Josh said to himself and almost laughed. He was no longer in that hospital. He
was detached, floating, in neverending thoughts. He thought about what had gone on that
day, what had been going on his whole life. He thought about his sister, and how he
missed her. He thought about his start in politics, and going to Yale and Harvard. He
thought about when he joined the Bartlett campaign. ‘Oh, my God. Is everyone okay?’
Josh thought to himself as his mind drifted, but he suddenly got the feeling that everything
was going to be okay. He also thought about how much he’d miss everything if he was
gone. He’d miss his job. His friends. He would even miss Mandy, if that was possible.
Josh knew he worked with a great bunch of people, he couldn’t pick any better. He, in a
way, loved everyone there, even Toby. As the faces flashed before his eyes, he
remembered all the times they had together. Suddenly, everything stopped. ‘Donna’ He
said to himself. He didn’t quite know where he was on that one. With everyone else, he
knew when things started and had an idea where things stopped, but that wasn’t the case
with Donna. He wasn’t quite sure where they began and where they ended. One thing
was for sure, he had no plans on leaving her anytime soon. He thought back to when he
was on the ground and Toby was talking to him, and the first person he thought of was
Donna. Why? He didn’t have enough time to think as the ground was gaining speed. He
was being ripped from his trance-like state and thrust back into the real world. The clouds
were flying by him and he suddenly felt pain.
"He’s beginning to wake up." A man’s voice thundered across Josh’s ears.


Would You Save A Place For Me - 5



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