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"Would You Save A Place For Me" 5/?

"Excuse me, weíre you the one asking about a...Joshua Lyman?" A short dark haired
woman said to CJ who was sitting with Donna, Sam, and Toby.
"Yes, yes I was. How is he?" CJ said, turning to the woman.
"Well, he was brought in here over an hour ago. Iíll go find the doctor who worked on
him, he should be more informed than me." The woman said, beginning to walk off.
"Oh! And could you also check for a Daniel Concanon and a Leo McGarry?" Donna
almost shouted to the young office assistant.
"Ya, sure." She stated as she walked off.
"Thanks." CJ spoke quietly to Donna.
"No, problem" Donna replied as she squeezed her hand.
"I havenít even thought about Leo." Toby said, as he raised his eyebrows.
"Me either. I really havenít been able to focus." Sam replied, as he leaned back in his
"You know what? I really wish you would have said that under different circumstances."
Toby said, quietly.
"Why?" Sam asked, turning to him.
"Because, I had a really good come-back." Toby said, looking at Sam.
"You did?" Sam asked.
"What was it?" Donna added.
"Well, he said, ĎI really havenít been able to focus.í And I probably would have said, ĎOh,
ya, like how you focus when you writing or anytime you speak.í Something like that."
Toby said, emotionless. CJ and Donna laughed gently at Tobyís comment and it made
Toby smile.
"They are going to be alright. You know that, donít you?" Sam said, seriously.
"Ya, ya we do know that, Sam." Toby said, as he dropped his head and silence was once
again resumed.

"Leo McGarry, 51 years old, gunshot wound to middle back. Blood loss, still
consciencous." A resident said, informing a doctor on the condition of his new patient.
"Owww.. What the hell are you guys waiting for? Get this freakin bullet out of me!" Leo
said, as the doctor came to look at him.
"Sure, Mr. McGarry. We just have to see that everything else is working fine and then we
can operate." The doctor said, calmly.
"Operate? Just reach some tweezers in there and pull the sucker out!" Leo said,
"Okay, Mr. McGarry. We will." The doctor said, with a smirk. The doctor continued to
work his way around checking Leoís vital signs and the bullet hole. Leo was getting more
and more agitated.
"Do you know who I am?" Leo said, trying to make eye contact with the doctor who was
behind him.
"Um...Leo McGarry." The doctor said, while writing in his chart.
"Yes, but do you know what I do for a living? Or, who I work for?" Leo replied.
"No, I donít." The doctor said, while whispering to the nurse.
"I work for the President of the United States. And, if you donít get this bullet out of me
fast, I am going to be upset. I had my whole staff shot at just a little bit ago and I need to
see how they are." Leo said, trying to move, but then meeting pain.
"Listen, Mr. McGarry, I am the doctor here and when it is time, we will remove that
bullet. It doesnít matter if you work for the President or God himself, I am not going to
operate on you prematurely and risk your life, okay?" The doctor said, sternly as he went
around to Leoís side.
"Okay, but if you arenít going to operate on me, please tell me how the rest of my staff
are doing." Leo said, calming.
"Sure." The doctor said, as he called a nurse to his side.


CJ, Sam, Toby and Donna hadnít been sitting there that long after the admitions
assistant had left. She promptly returned with the information.
"Ms. Cregg?" The short woman said, quietly.
"Yes." CJ said, as she turned to her, as did Sam, Toby, and Donna.
"I have the information on a Leo McGarry, Joshua Lyman, and Danny Concanon." A
young doctor informed the four friends.





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