Shades of Grey

Part 2


by AJ

Toby was grateful for CJ's absence when he arrived with copies of the latest updates. It meant he wouldn't be waylaid. It wasn't that the Press Secretary usually bothered him – in fact she annoyed him a great deal less than most others – it was simply that he had a lot of work to do. And if Seaborn didn't return from lunch soon he would be going right to the top of Toby's hit list.

The thought of it brought a smile to Toby's lips as he placed the folder on CJ Cregg's desk, but as he turned to leave he found the doorway blocked by Josh's assistant.

"CJ's not here," Donna said.

"I know."

"She went to see Danny," she told him.

"I don't care." Toby took a few steps toward her in the hopes she would get out of his way. She didn't move. "Is there something you wanted?" he finally asked.

"Have you seen Josh?" she asked. Her voice sounded as if she didn't know whether she should be angry or worried.

"He went to lunch with Sam."

"I know, but he isn't back yet."

Toby wondered if there was a point to this. He raised his eyebrows, refusing to ask inane questions that would only prompt inane answers.

"Have you seen Sam?" Donna asked.

Toby pinched the bridge of his nose and tried not to sigh. "He went to lunch with Josh. Is there a point to all this?"

"Josh had a meeting fifteen minutes ago," the blonde woman explained.

"And you're telling me this why?"

"It's not like Josh to be late."

Toby's eyebrows raised a notch.

Donna interpreted the look. "Well, not on purpose, anyway."

Toby didn't comment.

"Okay, sometimes it's on purpose, but not very often." Donna was beginning to fidget. Finally she looked away. "I'm shutting up now," she said.

"Thank you." This time Toby managed to brush past her, beating a hasty retreat down the hall.

He knew he was being followed. "Donna..." he warned, coming to a halt, but not turning around.

"Do you think you could page Sam?" she asked.

If he wasn't so busy, Toby would probably enjoyed Donna's discomfiture. "Your boss has a cell phone, Donna," he reminded, continuing on his way. "Use it."

"I know, but with the mood he's been in lately I was trying to avoid that." She was practically walking sideways to keep pace with him and catch his eye.

Toby stopped, this time piercing her with a glare. "Call him."

"All right!" She turned abruptly and stalked back to her office.

Watching her go, Toby allowed a smile to twitch his lips. "Well," he mumbled, "that was entertaining."

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