Well since Heat Wave got some rave reviews I decided to send this out right away. Thanks to all who sent comments about Heat Wave. Hope you all enjoy this next installment in the Caitlin saga. As always, all feedback welcomed and encouraged.

Disclaimer: The West Wing and it's characters, except Caitlin Bartlet (who is the product of all the free time I had this semester), are the property of Aaron Sorkin and NBC. No copyright infringement intended- just for fun.

WARNING: Fluff ahead. But in every life a little fluff must fall :)

Be Mine- Part 1

Caitlin Bartlet walked through the West Wing looking for her roommate. 'I've checked her desk, the ladies' room, the pressroom, I even checked the Oval Office, where is she...Josh's office!' she thought as she turned and headed back to her starting point. Sure enough when she got to Josh Lyman's office, his door was closed and there were murmured voices coming from inside. She hesitated a moment then knocked and at encouragement from inside entered.

"Well there you are, I've been looking all over for you." Caitlin said looking at her missing roommate.

"I've been here working on this project all morning, oh gosh- I missed lunch!" Donna Moss said looking down at her watch. "I'm sorry Cait, I didn't realize."

"That's ok, I see you were occupied..." she said sending a suggestive smile to Donna.

"What is with the two of you?" Josh asked looking them up and down. "Did someone die?" he continued noting that both Caitlin and Donna were dressed head to toe in black. Unusual for both women.

"Not someone, something." Donna answered.

"Huh?" Now Josh was confused.

"Our love lives." Caitlin explained.


"Forget it, you're a man you wouldn't understand." Caitlin continued.

"Ok" he replied looking back down at his paperwork.

"Don't you even want to ask what brought our period of mourning on?" Donna asked, surprised and a little disappointed that Josh hadn't asked.



"Ok, ok. Donna, what brought this period of mourning on?" Josh asked as Caitlin watched her two best friends carry on. 'They are so cute together' she thought.

"Look down." Donna instructed.

"Huh?" Josh asked for the second time.

"Look down at your calendar. What day is it?" Donna asked.

"Oh you're kidding right? All this is because it's Valentine's Day?"

"Correction, its February 14th. We refuse to acknowledge any other significance." Caitlin said.

"Aren't you acknowledging another significance by acting this way?" Josh asked amused.

"No, I mean, well..." Caitlin stumbled as she realized he was right.

"You are so dense sometimes Josh." Donna said realizing the best defense was an aggressive offense.

Josh just stared at her, taken aback by the switch in direction. Caitlin took that opportunity to tell Donna what she came to say.

"Anyway, Donna, my friend Jack called. You know the one that owns the bar in Adam's Morgan? He is hosting a singles night tonight and ladies drink half price all night. I say we should go."

"I don't know. I was kinda looking forward to watching some sappy romantic films and gorging my face on junk food.'"

"C'mon Donna, we can do that any night. Who knows we may meet Mr. Right, or at least Mr. Right Now."

"Do you two need to be in here for this conversation?" Josh said getting annoyed.

"We're going, we're going." Donna said as she got up.

Josh watched the two of them leave with a small smile on his face.

"So?" Caitlin asked Donna when they got outside.

"Ok, let's go. But if I don't get hit on by at least one guy, you will have to deal with my broken ego."

"What are roommates for?" Caitlin said as she walked off.

Inside his office, Josh picked up the phone and dialed. "Hey its me. What are you doing tonight?"

Chapter 2



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