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Be Mine- Part 2

"So what's wrong with that guy?" Caitlin asked Donna as she turned down another man's request for a dance.

Caitlin and Donna had been at the bar for two hours and Donna had been hit on by about 4 guys already and she turned down all of them.

"His eyes were too far apart."

"What?" Caitlin said laughing.

"His eyes..."

"I heard you, Donna. It's a dance not marriage."

"Yes, but a dance can lead to conversation, then conversation to a date, then one date to many, then an engagement, then marriage, then before you know it I have a house full of kids who's eyes are too far apart."

Caitlin just stared at her friend. "You definitely make my life more interesting. And considering that I'm the daughter of the President of the United States, that's a tremendous feat."

"Thanks" Donna said smiling. "Besides, you haven't exactly been on the dance floor all night either."

"Yes, but I have an excuse."

"And that is..."

"No one's asked."


"It's ok. Even if they did ask, they would first have to become *real* friendly with my two buddies over there." Caitlin said pointing at her Secret Service detail at the next table. "It takes a brave man to hit on the President's daughter. An even braver one to date her." Caitlin stopped thinking of Sam and their non-existent relationship. She really thought they had turned a corner at Christmas, but nothing had come of their kiss. Sam went back to acting like he had before ('just friends') and it was never mentioned again. "At least Zoey lucked out with Charlie."

"Zoey had the right idea. Date someone who knows the President. Less intimidating. You should do the same, with say, oh...Sam Seaborn." Donna replied, knowing her roommate's feelings towards Sam.

"Good idea, oh wait just one problem, you need two people to have a relationship and Sam isn't interested."

"I still say you are wrong. How many times a week do you and Sam have lunch or dinner together?"

"Oh, I don't know."

"Neither do I because it is too many to count."


"What about how Sam slowed his relationship with Mallory down, right around the time you came back from England, then stopped it all together before it ever really got anywhere?"

"Because he felt it was too complicated what with her father being the Chief of Staff." Caitlin paused looking at Donna. "My father is the President, Don. I think that brings the complicated factor to a whole new level."

"Oh yeah, what about your kiss at Christmas?"

"It was mistletoe."

"C'mon Caitlin it was more than that. And how about the way he flipped out when he thought you and the Ambassador from Spain were getting it on."

"Don't remind me, the scene was pretty nasty."

"But his apology was pretty damn nice. Romantic is more like it."

"Maybe but nothing has happened since."

"It will. It's obvious by the way you and Sam act together."

"Is it like the way you and Josh act?" Caitlin asked wanting to divert the attention from herself.

"We're not talking about me and Josh."

"I think we shoud be. I watched the two of you today. The sparks were flying."

"We were fighting."

"Right, foreplay."


"I think you should just tell him how you feel and get it over with."

"I'll tell you what, I'll tell Josh that I'm interested when you proclaim your undying love to Sam."

"Now, wait..."

Caitlin was interrupted when the waitress came over with two drinks.

"I'm sorry, we didn't order these." Caitlin said.

"The two gentlemen at the bar did. They were hoping they could join you." The waitress replied.

Caitlin and Donna turned towards the bar and their chins nearly dropped to the floor.

"Oh, my..." Donna began.

"You've got to be kid..." Caitlin began.

They both stopped as the gentlemen approached them.

"Hello ladies, mind if we join you?"

Chapter 3


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