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Be Mine- Part 3

"What are you..." Donna began.

"We saw you two lovely ladies sitting here all by yourselves and I said to my friend here that that was a crime. I guess we should introduce ourselves. My name is Chris and this is Mike."

Caitlin and Donna looked at each other wondering what exactly Josh and Sam were up to. Caitlin smiled at Donna and decided to play along. "I'm Kelly and this is Nicole. Thank you for the drinks, please sit down."

Donna scooted closer to Caitlin to make room for the guys. "So, what do you boys do for a living?" she asked.

"We're in politics." Sam answered sitting next to Caitlin.

"Oh are you now?" Caitlin said. "Isn't everyone in DC?"

"Yes, but we're pretty up there." Josh answered with a self-satisfied tone to his voice.

"Really?" Donna asked leaning into Josh pretending to be intrigued.

"And what do you two do?" Sam asked.

"I'm the President of a small advertising firm." Donna answered.

"Interior decorator." Caitlin said.

Josh stifled a laugh looking down wondering how long he could keep this up. "So" he said looking up "what are two beautiful women doing here alone?"

"Looking for Mr. Right." Caitlin answered looking directly at Sam. He leaned closer to her and asked softly. "Have you found him yet?"


"Ok, so Chris, isn't it" Donna interrupted. "Let's dance." She grabbed Josh's hand and dragged him onto the dance floor to give Caitlin and Sam a little privacy.

"Now she dances." Caitlin said smiling.

"What?" Sam asked.

"Nothing. So what are you two doing here?"

"Looking to pick up some chicks."

"Oh, so why are you sitting with us?" she said laughing.

"You're the chicks we were looking to pick up." He said seriously, brushing her fingers wiht his.

Caitlin's stomach began to flip and her heart raced. 'I wonder if he realizes what he does to me?' "So" she said trying to break the moment, "Do you want to...never mind."

"I was going to ask you if you wanted to dance but I forgot, you don't dance."

"Right, Caitlin..."

"That's Amy" Caitlin began then saw that he was serious, "what?"

"Are we ok?"

"What do you mean are we ok?"

"We haven't really talked about...um...the last time you asked me to dance."

"You mean when I wound up dancing with the Ambassador from Spain, who you accused me of sleeping with..."

"Yeah" Sam tried to interrupt.

"...and then called me pathetic and easy. Is that the time you are talking about?"

"Are you ever going to forgive me for being an ass?" he said, his eyes showing his worry.

She reached up and brushed his hair with her hand. "I already have"
He reached up and took her hand, then kissed the inside of her palm.

"Sam" she whispered his name.

He gently pulled on her hand bringing her towards him as he moved to kiss her.

"Ok, that was fun." Josh said interrupting them. "Oh look over there at that next table. Secret Service Agents, isn't that nice?"

Donna elbowed Josh for stopping the kiss, but Josh ignored her. He wanted his friends to get together too, but doing it in a public place was a media nightmare waiting to happen.

"Oh no Josh," Donna said turning to him. "We didn't finish the project on...on China. Yeah. We'd better go back to the office and finish those last changes so we can get it to Leo tomorrow morning."

"Donna, what are you talk...OW!" Josh yelped as Donna elbowed him again, harder. "Donna stop that."

"Ok so Josh and I are going to go now back to the office to finish that report. Sam can you make sure that Caitlin gets home ok? Great. I'll see you later Caitlin, maybe even tomorrow this report might take awhile. Bye Sam." Donna said in one breath as she dragged Josh towards the door.

"Um...bye." Sams aid looking at Caitlin confused.

"I think we've just been set up." Caitlin said smiling shyly at Sam.

"Hmmm. So" he said pushing a strand of hair behind her ear, "can I see you home?"

"I'd like that." Caitlin replied. They stood up and Sam took her hand as they left the bar.

Chapter 4



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