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Be Mine- Part 4

"Donna" Josh said as they were driving in her car. "You do realize that there is no report on China, right?"

"Of course, but Sam and Caitlin wanted to be alone and I just gave them the opportunity."

"How do you know they wanted to be alone?"

"I know desire when I see it Josh" she said looking over at him 'And when I feel it' she thought. "So I guess I'll drop you off at your place?"

"Where are you going to go?"

"Probably back to the office."

"Donna we finished all of our work."

"I know, but there is no way I am going home until I am sure I gave the two of them enough time."

"Well then come back to my place for a while. I'm sure we can find something to do." He said softly almost suggestively. 'What am I doing? This day is really starting to get to me' he thought.

"Ok" Donna said. 'Maybe Caitlin won't be the only one to find a little romance today.'

********************************** "So I said to my professor, 'I don't care how many books you've written on the subject, McKinley vs. Green is still unconstitutional'" Sam said as they walked through the door of Caitlin's apartment.

"You're making that up." Caitlin said laughing, as she turned the dimmer switch of the lights on to the half level of brightness.

"No I'm not." Sam replied. Caitlin shut the door and turned around, feeling whole band of butterflies start buzzing in her stomach. 'Now what?' she thought. "Are you hungry? I think we have some left over Chinese in the fridge. Or how about some wine?"

"Wine sounds great." Sam said, silently willing his racing heart to take it easy.

"Ok, I'll be right back. Make yourself comfortable." Caitlin then left towards the kitchen.

Sam looked around her apartment. He'd been there before but it had always been for a meeting or Josh and Donna had been there. This was different. This time he was here, alone, with Caitlin. No work, no interruptions, just the two of them. He moved over to the stereo and looked through the CD collection. He found a collection of Kenny G's love songs and put it in the player. The soft, sensual music began to drift out of the speakers.

In the kitchen Caitlin paused when she heard the music. "Ok, I can do this. This isn't a big deal. I've been alone with Sam before. Yes, but never with wine and romantic music, on Valentine's Day nonetheless. Oh my God, I'm on a date with Sam." Caitlin said out loud. "I've wanted this for so long. I don't know if I can handle it. What if I say something stupid or spill the wine or..."

"Caitlin?" Sam's voice interrupted her personal tirade. "Do you need some help in there?"

"No, no I'm ok. I'll be right out." She called to him. "Right after I throw up" she added softly to herself.

Caitlin took the two glasses of wine and headed into the living room. When she got there she saw Sam looking at the pictures on her bookshelf. He turned when he heard her enter. 'He looks incredible' she thought. He walked over to her and took one of the wine glasses from her hand. They stood there silently drinking their wine, each waiting for the other to say something. Finally Sam's nervousness took over. "This is good wine."

"Yeah, it is. Donna's Dad gave it to us. He and Mrs. Moss had gone to France for a second honeymoon and brought us back a few bottles. This was the best in the bunch, we only use it for special occassions. Not that this is a special occassion, but not that it isn't either..." Caitlin babbled on.

Sam smiled realizing how nervous Caitlin was and relieved that he wasn't the only one. "Caitlin..." he said softly to stop her babbling.

She looked up at him and shyly smiled. The first song stopped and a few seconds later "The Moment" came on. It was Caitlin's favorite Kenny G song. It's funny, every time she heard it she thought of Sam, and now she was here with him. He watched her as if he could read her mind, then he took her glass from her hand and put both on the coffee table. He held out his hand to her and whispered "Dance with me".

Chapter 5



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