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Heat Wave- Part 14

Caitlin paused outside the Oval Office, then knocked wondering what she was going to say. She poked her head inside the door, "Dad?"

President Bartlet looked up from his desk, "Hi Sweetheart. Come in." He got up from his desk and moved to the couch, where Caitlin sat down beside him.

"I heard there was a little excitement this morning." The President began.

"Just how much did you hear?"

"Well, that Sam and Josh got into some sort of fight over you and Sam has quite a shiner on him."

"Does he?" Caitlin said finding some joy in that.

"Yes, what happened?"

"Sam and I...exchanged some words that's all."

"That's all? They must have been some words for Josh to hit him."

"You know how Jush gets."


"Dad, it's ok, really. I can handle it."

"I'll fire him if you want me too."

"You can't fire him just because we had a fight."

"Maybe not but I can send him to Antarctica."

"No you can't"

"What's the good in being President if I can't send a man to Antarctica?"

Caitlin laughed. "Don't worry about it Dad. We're leaving for New Hampshire tomorrow morning and we'll have a nice family Christmas. And forget all about this."

"OK" The President said kissing his daughter onm the forehead not wanting to push the issue.

Meanwhile Sam poked his head in Josh's office wanting to make amends.

"Got a minute Josh?"

Josh looked up from his work, which he really wasn't paying much attention to anyway. "Yeah I guess so."

Sam sat down in the chair in front of Josh's desk.

"That's one hell of a right hook I've got." Josh said admiring his handy work.

"You're telling me." Sam said smiling, relieved that at least he and Josh seemed to be ok. "I really screwed up." he continued.

"Yeah you did."

"How do I fix it? I can't lose her Josh."

"Do you hear yourself Sam? You need to really stop and figure out why you acted like you did. And if you realize that your feelings for Caitlin are more than friendship, which I think they are, well then you've got a lot to deal with."

"Yeah" Sam said leaning his head back against the chair.

"Maybe you should take the holiday and sort things out."

"No, I can't let her leave with this unresolved." Sam got up, determined. "I'm going to find her and talk to her now."

"In the White House? Remember what Leo said."

"I can't let her go Josh, not like this." Sam said as he left the office.




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