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Heat Wave- Part 6

The rumba beat started and the Ambassador took Caitlin closely into his arms. They began to move and soon no one else was on the dance floor. Everyone stood watching the dance. Caitlin and the Ambassador danced as if they were one person. He twirled her about so much that her hair began to fall from its position atop her head. The Ambassador reached up and freed the rest of it, letting it fall unto her shoulders in a cascade. They continued to dance, unaware of anything else. Caitlin felt more unrestrained than she had since her return from England.

"Wow" Donna said. She stood with Toby, Josh, Joey, CJ, Sam and Mallory. "That is some dance."

"I can do that." Josh said a little in awe.

"It's beautiful. Snesual but not trashy." CJ said.

"My daughter is the one who looks beautiful." The President said as he, the First Lady, and Leo walked up behind them.

"That's our daughter." The First Lady said.

"She definitely takes after you." The President said putting his arm around his wife and kissing her.

"Go Caitlin!" Zoey said as she and Charlie joined the group. "Shake it baby!"

"Zoey..." the President warned.

"What? She's the one getting it on in the middle of the dance floor."

"Zoey, the rumba happens to be a very expressive dance, used for generations by..." The First Lady clamped her hand over her husband's mouth before he could finish.

"Let's just watch, ok?" the First Lady said.

"Excuse me" Sam mumbled as he left the group. He just couldn't watch anymore. He made his way out of the room into the outside foyer.

Mallory followed him out. "Sam?" she said when she got to him.

"Hey. I just needed some fresh air. It was getting hot in there."

"It certainly was. Caitlin's quite a dancer isn't she?"


"And she is very beautiful."

"Yes, she is."

"And you have feelings for her." Mallory said softly.

"Ye...what?" Sam said turning to her.

Mallory walked a few steps ahead of him looking up at the moon. "You have feelings for her."

"I...no, I mean I care about her. I told you that. But anything more..."

"It was killing you, watching her in there with him. Nothing's been the same since she came back Sam. We haven't been the same. I didn't want to believe that it was her, but it is. I was determined to fight for you, but I'm losing and I don't like that."


"Caitlin and I used to be friends once, did you know that? When we were little we were inseparable. I don't really know what happened. We just grew apart. I still think she is a good person. Though at the moment I really hate her." Mallory said with a laugh. "It's not working for us Sam."

Sam took a deep breath. "No it's not. I'm sorry Mallory. It's not Caitlin though. It's just us. Timing and all that."

"Sure keep telling yourself that." Mallory walked over to Sam and put her arms around him. He held her for a few minutes. She then walked inside leaving Sam to his thoughts.

Inside the song ended and Caitlin and the Ambassador walked over to the President.

"Dad, the Ambassador has never seen our Mall or monuments. I'm going to take him for a little tour."

"Right now?" the President asked.

"Well the party is winding down a little. And there is nothing like the Monuments at night."

"I promise to be the perfect gentleman, Mr. President."

"I trust that Ambassador, especially since my daughter is followed by armed men at all times."

"Yes sir." the Ambassador said smiling.

Sam returned inside with a new attitude and a new resolve. However he was too late to act on it as he watched Caitlin and the Ambassador leave the reception arm in arm.



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