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WARNING: somewhat questionable content

Heat Wave- Part 8

"Good morning all!" Caitlin said walking into the Roosevelt Room where the senior staff was meeting for their morning review.

"Good morning to you Miss Cha-Cha." CJ said smiling at the memory of Caitlin and the Ambassador from Spain last night.

"We were taking bets on whether you'd make it in this morning." Josh said smiling.

"Hey, I'm a...ah...ah...professional." Caitlin said yawning. "But man am I tired."

"And where did you and the Ambassador sneak off to last night?" Toby asked.

"We didn't sneak off anywhere, we went for a walk down by the monuments. He'd never seen them at night. And we talked for a long time. It was very nice."

Sam sat there watching Caitlin talk about her night, trying not to listen, and trying to ignore the way his stomach was tying itself into painful knots. 'What do I care what she does. She's a grown woman. Yes she is. That's the problem.' Sam thought, then before he knew what he was doing he looked at her and blurted out "Did you sleep with him?"

"Excuse me?" Caitlin said taken completely aback by his question.

"Did you sleep with him?" He asked again with a hostile tone to his voice.

"That's none of your business." Caitlin replied getting angry at this attack.

"You better believe it is. You are the First Daughter and any illicit behavior you partake in that might affect the White House is my concern and that of everyone in this room."

"Illicit behavior?!?!" Caitlin cried.

"Whoa Sam..." CJ began.

"Actually, she's the Second Daughter." Josh said trying to make a joke to stop the train wreck he saw in front of him from happening.

Caitlin stood up and stared coldly at Sam "My sex life is not the concern of this nation. It's not even my parent's business." She paused hurt by Sam's accusations. "And it sure as hell isn't yours Sam."

"So you did sleep with him." Sam pushed.

Caitlin put her hands on the table and leaned over to Sam, getting in his face. "Yes Sam. I slept with him." She said her voice dripping with sarcasm and hurt. "But it wasn't just sex. It was incredible sex." She lowered her voice to add a little sultriness to it. "He kept me screaming all night." Then Caitlin straightened herself up, the hurt evident on her face, and walked out of the room. On her way out she passed by Leo who had heard the whole exchange.

"Sam, what the hell was that?" Leo asked coming into the room.

"She is the President's daughter Leo. She needs to act with a certain amount of propriety."

"And who are you to say she didn't? You had no right to accuse her of that."

"She left the party with him. Didn't tell any of us where she was going..."

"She told the President, Sam. She took the man on a tour. It was a good will gesture."

"I bet it was." Sam replied snidely.

"Hey! That's Caitlin your talking about." Josh said angry at Sam for his outburst.

"I know exactly who we're talking about!" Sam couldn't control his anger. "Here's my report" he continued, throwing his file folder on the table and storning out of the room towards his office.



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