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If You Go I Go- Part 14

"Ready to go?" Leo asked Toby, who was still sitting next to Sam.

"Is someone going to stay with Sam?" Toby asked, reluctantly getting up.

Leo smiled softly. "Donna and Josh are still here. Sam won't be alone."

Toby nodded. "I'd like to see Caitlin before we leave." He said softly.

"Me too." Leo said. "I also want to see how the President and Abbey are holding up."

Toby gently placed his hand on Sam's head one more time before following Leo out of the room.


"You can't do this Cait. You are too important to us, to everyone." Josh said as he sat by Caitlin's bed.

Donna had woken up and joined him in Caitlin's room along with CJ as the Bartlet's were getting something to eat in the cafeteria.

"I know everyone has been coddling you, but I'm not going to do that." Josh continued. "I'll do whatever it takes. I'll appeal to your sense of loyalty, I'll guilt trip you. Anything to get you to come back to us."

Josh turned slightly as the door opened and The President, Abbey, Toby and Leo entered. He took a deep breath, looking back at Caitlin. No response. She just laid there, still. As if she were just a shell. Finally all of Josh's pain and frustration snapped within him. "Dammit!" he cried. "I mean it Caitlin. Enough is enough. You had your big moment. Now just open your eyes. You and Sam both. It's time to come home."


Caitlin quickly pulled away from Sam, looking around her as if searching.

"Caitie?" Sam asked, grasping her shoulders.

Caitlin turned back to him, her eyes slightly glazed.

"Caitlin!" Sam said again. "What? What is it?"

Her eyes focused and she looked into Sam's blue eyes. "I remember" she whispered.

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