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If You Go I Go- Part 15

"Josh" Leo said forcefully, at Josh's outburst.

Josh dropped his head into his hands. He was about to apologize when he saw a flicker of movement out of the corner of his eye. His head snapped up, as everyone else moved closer having noticed the movement as well.

No sound emanated from anyone as they waited, waited for another movement to confirm what they thought they had seen.

"Caitlin" Abbey called softly.

Suddenly, Caitlin's uninjured hand jerk as her eyes flew open.

"Caitlin" The President said coming to stand next to Abbey beside Caitlin's bed. He reached down and took her hand as Abbey rang the call button.

Everyone in the room moved in, letting out little sighs of relief.

Caitlin blinked a few times to become accustomed to her surroundings. She tried to open her mouth to speak but realized that it was clogged. There was a tube down her throat. She looked up as she heard an unfamiliar voice.

"Welcome back Miss Bartlet."

Caitlin looked at the strange man standing over her. He was wearing a white lab coat and glasses over his blue eyes. 'Just like Sam' Caitlin thought. 'Sam!' her eyes widened. She began to struggle against the hands examining her.

"Caitlin, you need to lie still." The man said.

"Caitlin please honey it's ok" Abbey pleaded.

But Caitlin continued to struggle, she had to get to Sam. She reached for the tube in her mouth and prepared to yank at it.

"No, no!" the man said, gently grabbing her hand. "Caitlin this is helping you breathe."

Caitlin freed her hand from his grasp and clasped his wrist pulling him down to her.

Dr. Cameron looked into Caitlin's eyes and saw an urgency there. He decided to follow his instinct, since Caitlin's progress to this point had been unusual anyway. "Ok Caitlin. I'm going to take out the tube. When I tell you to I need you to cough for me."

Caitlin nodded gently, a look of gratefulness in her eyes.

"Dr. Cameron..." Abbey began, but stopped when Caitlin gently took her hand. Abbey looked down and saw the same urgency that Cameron had seen. She just smiled down at Caitlin and then moved aside to give Cameron room.

A nurse entered and helped Cameron raise Caitlin into a sitting position. Cameron disconnected the tubes from the machine, as everyone watched intently.

"Ok Caitlin, now cough." Cameron said.

Caitlin closed her eyes and coughed as Cameron quickly removed the tube from her throat. When it was out, Caitlin collapsed back against the bed, coughing a few more times.

Cameron placed his stethoscope over Caitlin's chest. "Caitlin I need you to take a few deep breaths for me."

Caitlin shakily drew in a deep breath and Cameron listened closely, smiling softly at the sound that greeted him.

"Sounds good." He said softly. "Now..."

"Sam" Caitlin croaked out.

Josh looked over to Toby, unsure of what to tell Caitlin.

"Caitlin..." Leo began.

"I need to see him." Caitlin croaked again.

"Caitlin, you're still weak, you just woke up..." the President began.

"I need to see him." she said again. "He needs to know."

"What honey" Abbey said. "What does Sam need to know?"

"He needs to know." Caitlin repeated again, trying to make them understand. "He needs to know where I am."

The President looked at the doctor confused, wondering if this was some effect of the accident.

"Caitlin, Sam's still asleep." Abbey said softly.

"Please" Caitlin implored. She turned to Dr. Cameron. "Please" she asked again desperately.

Cameron looked down at her, then up at the nurse. "Get a wheelchair." He said.

"Dr. Cameron" Bartlet protested.

"Mr. President, something pulled your daughter and Sam through the night. I would love to say it was just medical expertise but I don't think so." He looked back down at Caitlin. "This may be just what they both need."

Bartlet looked from Dr. Cameron to Caitlin.

"Please Daddy." Caitlin whispered. "I have to."

Bartlet closed his eyes and squeezed Caitlin's hand.

The nurse re-entered the room with a wheelchair. Everyone moved aside giving them plenty of room.

Dr. Cameron and Abbey helped Caitlin out of bed and into the wheelchair. She winced with pain, but settled into the wheelchair. Dr. Cameron slowly wheeled Caitlin out of the room as everyone followed. As they approached Sam's room, Cameron spoke.

"Caitlin, I want to warn you. You and Sam were in a very serious car accident. Sam has some extensive cuts and bruising."

Caitlin didn't respond.

Abbey opened the door to Sam's room to allow Cameron to push Caitlin through. He wheeled her over next to Sam's bed.

Abbey hovered near by, in case the sight that greeted Caitlin was too much for her.

But Caitlin didn't say anything. She just reached out with her uninjured arm and took Sam's hand, bringing it to her face.

"Sam" Caitlin whispered. "I'm here. Come to me."

Everyone watched in awe. Caitlin didn't seem distressed, or saddened. She just sat there as if she were waiting.

The minutes ticked by and Caitlin continued to sit and watch Sam, occasionally saying his name.

Abbey looked at Dr. Cameron imploringly. She knew Caitlin wanted to be with Sam, but Abbey was worried for her daughter's health.

Dr. Cameron nodded softly and went to take a step towards Caitlin when a soft moan came from the bed.

Donna gasped as everyone turned to Sam and Caitlin.

"Sam" Caitlin said again.

Sam moaned once again as his head rocked gently on the pillow. Slowly his eyes opened and immediately found Caitlin's gaze.

Everyone began to laugh with relief and whisper among themselves but Sam and Caitlin were oblivious.

Sam reached out and stroked Caitlin's cheek. Caitlin closed her eyes and smiled, feeling his hand on her cheek. She opened her eyes to see Sam watching her intently. He opened his mouth and the room became silent waiting to hear Sam's voice.

In a hoarse whisper Sam said to Caitlin. "If you go I go."

The End.



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