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If You Go I Go- Part 2

Agent Michelle Reynolds watched the scene unfold in front of the Black Suburban as if in slow motion.

Sam's car was driving in the inbound lane to DC when suddenly a car came careening over from the opposite lane. Before there was any time to react the car collided head-on with Sam's. The force of the collision sent Sam's car flying towards the concrete side of the bridge slamming the passenger's side, Caitlin's side, into it.

The Black Suburban screeched to a halt as Caitlin's Secret Service Detail leapt out, led by Michelle.

Agent Harrison Zander grabbed his cell phone and quickly dialed 9-1-1.

As Michelle raced over to Sam's car, Agent Jason Biggs went to check out the other vehicle. Michelle reached the driver's side door and tugged furiously at it, but it refused to budge. The car had become a mangled heap of metal and something had wedged the door shut. The passenger side door was firmly placed against the side of the bridge, there would be no entry that way. "Sam! Caitlin!" she called loudly, banging on the glass. Neither passenger stirred.

Harrison joined her "Ambulance is on their way. They'll have tools to get them out." He said quietly, taking in the horrific scene in front of him. He turned as Jason ran over to him.

"The other driver's dead." Jason said softly.

Michelle stood staring into the car, unable to tear her eyes away from the two people inside, neither moving, both unconscious or even possibly both...dead.


Caitlin took a deep breath and sat up stretching, as if awaking from a long, peaceful slumber. She blinked a few times taking in the scene that greeted her.

She was sitting in the middle of a beautiful idyllic meadow. The soft sounds of a bubbling brook greeted her ears. She closed her eyes and raised her face towards the bright blue sky, soaking up the warmth of the sun, a small smile on her face. She felt an arm wrap around her shoulders, and opened her eyes to meet Sam's.

"Wow" he whispered, looking around.

"I know...it's amazing..." she answered breathlessly.

"I've never felt so serene." Sam said, holding Caitlin tighter as she rested her head on his shoulder.


"What have we got?" The doctor called as he rushed over to meet the first paramedic crew that entered the ER at the George Washington University Hospital.

"Male, 30-35, multiple facial contusions, broken left leg, pulse thready, breathing labored..." The paramedic rattled off as he quickly walked with the doctor towards one of the trauma rooms.

"The call said there were two..." the doctor said.

"Crew 84 is at the site, when we left they were still trying to get the other passenger out of the car." The paramedic answered.

"Ok, let's go." The doctor said as the swinging doors to the trauma room shut behind him.

At that moment the doors to the ER burst open as another gurney was pushed through.

"Female, 25-30, tension pneumo, short breath sounds on the right, pupils fixed and dilated, broken right arm..." the paramedic began before the doctor that approached could ask.

The doctor looked down at the woman on the gurney, then up at the three people that had followed the paramedic team in. He looked back down at his patient, realization dawning on him. "Oh my God..."

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