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If You Go I Go- Part 3

"Someone better have declared war on someone else." President Bartlet grumbled as he reluctantly opened his eyes at the incessant pounding on his door.

"Who is it?" Abigail Bartlet asked, sitting up beside her husband.

"What?" the President demanded loudly towards the door.

The door pushed open and for a moment, Bartlet was blinded by the light thatfiltered in. When his eyes adjusted he felt his heart stop as he saw Special Agent in Charge Ron Butterfield standing before him. "Ron..." the Presidentqueried softly.

"Mr. President, Mrs. Bartlet. Caitlin and Sam were in an accident this evening." Ron said, foregoing niceties.

Abbey grabbed her husband's shoulder. "What kind of accident?" she asked, a tremor in her voice.

"A car accident, on Memorial Bridge as they were returning from Alexandria."
Ron answered.

"Is it serious?" Bartlet asked, trying to remain calm.

Ron hesitated for a fraction of a second, but the pause was not lost on either Jed or Abbey. "Yes sir. They have been taken to GW Hospital. We have a car waiting downstairs to take both you and Mrs. Bartlet there now."

Jed sat frozen, unable to think, let alone move. But Abbey leapt up out of the bed grabbing her coat asking Ron questions as Dr. Bartlet took over.

"I wish I had some information for you, Mrs. Bartlet, all I know is that it was very serious." Ron answered a sadness to his voice.

Ron's tone finally spurred The President into action. He stalked past Ron, grabbing Abbey's hand. "Let's go."


"I love you" Sam whispered to Caitlin as he reached out and stroked her cheek. They were sitting next to the brook, just watching each other. "I just felt the need to tell you that."

Caitlin gave Sam a questioning look, then smiled softly. "I love you too."

"I don't know what I'd do without you." Sam continued softly.

"Good thing that you are stuck with me then." Caitlin answered taking Sam's hand.

"Promise?" Sam asked softly.

"Forever." Caitlin replied.


"His kidney is badly bruised, but I don't think we have to remove it." Dr. Wade said as he quickly examined Sam's kidney and the area around it.

"Well that's something" Dr. Perkins said quietly as he worked at removing shards of metal from Sam's left leg. "Dammit! The bone splintered, it's not a clean cut."

"It's amazing these two survived." Wade said.

"It's not over yet." Perkins answered brusquely.


"Where is all this blood coming from?" Dr. Sawyer asked quietly as he moved his instruments inside of Caitlin's abdomen. "Suction." He demanded one of the nurses.

"Oh man" Dr. Cameron said from the other side.

"What?" Sawyer asked.

"Her spleen...it needs to come out."



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