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If You Go I Go- Part 4

The President and Abbey ran through the doors of the ER, looking around for anyone that could give them answers.

"Mr. President" a nurse said coming up to them. "Your daughter has been taken up to surgery. I can have someone take you up to the surgical waiting room."

"I want to speak to someone about my daughter's condition" the President said harshly.

"The nurses up there will know better than I could tell you sir." The nurse answered sympathetically.

The President looked at her for a moment then nodded slowly. He turned around "Abbey?"

"I'm right behind you." Abbey answered taking in the ashen look on her husband's face. She quickly pulled out her cell phone, dialed and waited... "Leo. It's Abbey...we..." she stopped as her voice choked with tears. "We need you."


"Hey Sam?" Caitlin called softly.

He looked up at her only to receive a large splash of water in his face. He sputtered a few times, then looked into Caitlin's laughing face as she shook her wet hand. Sam felt a slow, wicked smile spread across his face.

With a joyful yelp, Caitlin got up and sprinted off through the meadow, with Sam in fast pursuit. Caitlin felt like she was flying. She had never felt so free. Suddenly she was gently tackled and she landed surprisingly softly on her back with Sam on top of her. They laughed together for a few moments, then their laughter died away as they watched each other intently. Sam smoothed Caitlin's brown hair from her face before he slowly bent down and kissed her. What began as a gentle, sweet kiss quickly turned passionate. Sam kissed her with a fierce urgency, it was as if he was afraid, afraid that somehow for some reason it...the moment...Caitlin would be ripped away.


"Ok I'm ready to close up." Dr. Wade said.

"I've repaired the bone as best I can. We'll just have to wait and hope it heals correctly." Dr. Perkins added.

"I have a feeling his entire recovery is going to be one of 'wait and hope'" Wade replied grimly.


"Spleen's out...dammit we have another bleeder!" Dr. Cameron exclaimed.

"What? Where is it coming from? We just finished tying up two others." Dr. Sawyer asked anxiously.

"I don't know. I don't know." Cameron replied as he used a cotton gauze and his instruments to look for the source of the bleed as one of the nurses kept up the frantic suction. "Come on. Give us a break...give her a break..." he silently prayed. "I can't find it." He said frustratedly.

"Her pressure is dropping." The anesthesiologist called out.

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