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If You Go I Go- Part 6

"Mr. Seaborn has some slight internal injuries, a concussion, broken left leg...the surgeons were preparing to close when I last checked." Dr. Newmann.

"So he's going to be ok?" Toby asked, from where he sat next to Donna.

"I don't want to make his situation seem light, he will still have an extensive recovery. He's not out of the woods yet." Dr. Newmann replied.

"And Caitlin?" The President asked.

Dr. Newmann watched him silently for a moment. "I'm afraid that your daughter's injuries are much more extensive."

"How extensive?" Abbey asked.

"She has some broken ribs and a tension pneumo. She was intubated at the scene. She has a concussion. We are not sure as to the complete extent of brain damage, if any. However, the head injury is not the surgeons' primary concern right now." Dr. Newmann said slowly.

"Then what is?" Leo asked.

"The surgeons had to remove her spleen and Miss Bartlet is suffering from massive internal hemorrhaging. She's lost a lot of blood and they have still been unable to locate the source of the bleeds." Dr. Newmann replied softly.

Abbey watched Dr. Newmann and read between the words in a way that only another doctor could.

"What does that mean?" The President demanded standing up.

Abbey grabbed his hand forcing him to look at her. Jed looked down into his wife's eyes and saw the truth in them. "No" he sobbed as he sank into the seat. He turned back to Dr. Newmann. "Are you telling me that my daughter is dying?" he asked, his voice betraying his anguish.

Zoey gasped as Charlie's arms wound around her tightly. The room became silent as everyone turned to the doctor, hoping she would tell him no.

"Mr. President, I don't want you to give up all hope... but her chances are slim."


Caitlin closed her eyes and leaned in closer to Sam trying to gain some warmth. She was so cold. The temperature seemed to drop even more and Caitlin forced her eyes open. She gasped and jumped up spinning around quickly.

Her breathing came in quick rasps and she felt tears of panic spring to her eyes.

"SAM!" she cried into the wind, across the empty meadow.


"He's gone into aphib." Dr. Perkins said.

"What the hell happened? 1 milligram of atropine." Dr. Wade instructed.

"Bag him, start compressions."

The team began CPR on Sam as they watched the monitor for a normal rhythm sign.

"Paddles" Wade said.

The nurse prepared and handed him the paddles as Perkins continued CPR.



"Doctor..." the anesthesiologist began.

"I know, I know her pressure is still dropping." Dr. Cameron snapped.

"John, we're losing..." Dr. Sawyer tried.

Cameron's head snapped up. "It's not over yet. She survived that car accident, I am not going to let her die here!"

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