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If You Go I Go- Part 7

The people in the waiting room continued to sit in silence, except for occasional sobs after Dr. Newmann left.

The silence was almost too much for Josh to bear. He moved to the other end of the room and flipped on the TV hoping for some kind of distraction, anything to add noise into the deafening silence. As soon as he turned on the set, he wished he hadn't.

"I'm here on Memorial Bridge where just hours ago First Daughter, Caitlin Bartlet and White House Deputy Communications Director Sam Seaborn were involved in a fatal head-on collision. The accident occurred around one am this morning when a car driving in the outbound lane, swerved into the opposite lane and struck Seaborn's car. It took the jaws of life to remove Bartlet and Seaborn from the vehicle. They were taken to George Washington University Hospital where they are listed in critical condition."

As the reporter was talking a picture of Sam and Caitlin from the last State Dinner flashed on the screen. They were dancing and from just the picture you could feel the love that emanated from them. The way he held her with complete ease. The way that they looked at each other with adoration and awe. Josh dropped his head and ran his fingers through his hair fighting his pain. They were like a part of each other. Sam and Caitlin were no longer separate entities. It was one word that just rolled off the tongue. And Josh knew without a doubt that if Sam knew at this moment about Caitlin's condition and was given a choice- he wouldn't want to wake up. He would want to go with her.


Caitlin ran through the rain that had begun to pour. She didn't know where she was or where she was going, but she was desperate to get there.

She had to get to Sam.

As she ran she tripped over a jagged rock and fell painfully to her knees. She looked up and the sky had become so dark that she could hardly see. She felt lost, drowning. She wrapped her arms around herself and said in a pained whisper "Don't leave me Sam."



"Clear" Wade said.


"He's arresting" Perkins said checking the monitor.

"Ok give me 300 CCs" Wade said. "Clear"


The room paused for a moment, waiting. "Nothing." Perkins said softly.

Wade took a deep breath, quickly deliberating. He checked the time that Sam had been down...there was still a chance. "Again. Clear!"


"Suction" Cameron demanded as a nurse wiped his brow.

Sawyer worked furiously within Caitlin's abdomen, removing unnecessary instruments, searching diligently for the elusive source of the bleed that was slowly seeping the life out of her body.

"God don't do this, give her a cha..." Cameron began.

"Look" Sawyer interrupted.

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