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If You Go I Go- Part 9

"They're both going to die" Zoey said softly as she gazed off at nothing.

"We don't know that Zoey. It's not over yet." CJ said, trying to sound optimistic, but failing miserably.

"Maybe its better this way." Zoey continued as if she hadn't heard CJ. "They love each other so much...they shouldn't be without each other. They wouldn't want to be without the other."

"Zoey" Charlie whispered softly to stop her words.

Zoey just closed her eyes and leaned into Charlie.

Abbey looked at her youngest daughter, tears streaming down her cheeks. She was trying so hard to be strong for Jed, for Zoey. But she was a mother, and her little girl was lying somewhere in this hospital in pain. Every part of Abbey screamed with the agony she was feeling and the emptiness that was threatening to overtake her.

Jed reached over and took Abbey's hand. He saw the pain she was in, saw how she was about to break. They were about to lose their Caitlin, lose a part of their hearts. Jed swallowed back a sob, as he turned to face the wall, hiding his tears. 'Dear God why?' he asked silently.

The door opened slowly and a nurse stepped through looking nervous.

"Any news?" Josh asked anxiously.

"No, I'm sorry." The nurse replied slowly. "Does anyone need anything?" she asked softly.

Jed looked at his wife and youngest daughter then closed his eyes as he spoke in a pained voice. "A priest. Could you get us a priest?"


Caitlin continued toward the stream of light. She felt her body grow warmer the closer she got to it. She knew she was going in the right direction. Everything would be ok once she got there. The rain would stop. The pain would go away.

Caitlin struggled up the hill, keeping her eyes on the break in the clouds where the light was coming from. She had to get there. Finally she made it to the top and stopped to look at it for a moment. This was it. She took a hesitant step forward. Then another. Then another. She was almost there. She could almost feel it. A few more steps and...


Caitlin whirled around to see Sam standing behind her. She stared at him for a moment then let out a relieved, happy sigh. With a burst of energy she ran towards him, and ran away from the light.


"I think we've done all that we can. He's gone..." Perkins started.

"Wait" Wade demanded, staring at the monitor.

Perkins looked down at the man on the table. He didn't finish his statement. He decided to give his friend and colleague one last moment of hope. Losing a patient was the worst thing for a doctor to go through. But there are just times that no matter what you do it isn't enough.

"There!" Wade exclaimed triumphantly.

Perkins turned and stared at the monitors in confusion. His eyes widened as he saw the line, which had become flat, suddenly bounce with evidence of a heartbeat.

"He's back." Wade said.


"I've got this bleed stitched up." Sawyer said.

Cameron moved his instruments within Caitlin's abdomen looking around for any other possible hazard areas. "It looks like the bleeding has stopped." He said softly, hesitantly.

Sawyer looked towards the monitors hopefully. "How are her vitals?" he asked.

The anesthesiologist looked at him, then at the monitors, then back at him. "They're...they're improving" he said, his voice laced with awe.

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