Disclaimer- see Part 1. Oh and all my medical knowledge comes from "ER" so if some of this isn't realisitc, please forgive me :)

"There's No Place Like Home" - Part 3

The President sat in the Oval Office staring out the window, his mind replaying the nights events no matter how much he tried not to think about it. It had been such a good night, the young pilot had been saved, Toby's brother landed safely, the Town Hall went exceptionally well, who could have guessed that it would all go so horribly wrong.

"Jed?" Abbie's voice came quietly from the door.

The President turned around and looked at his wife, he could see the redness around her eyes from her tears and he felt a wave of his own tears threaten, but he couldn't let them spill. Instead he got up from the chair and walked over to his wife taking her into his arms.

"How's Zoey?" he asked, his voice cracking.

"I finally got her to go to sleep. I had to give her something but she needs to rest right now. She's terrified and worried about Charlie." Abbie answered holding onto her husband, not wanting to think about how close she came to losing him and her youngest daughter.

"I know. There's been no word on Charlie or Sam. Toby and CJ are ok, Toby's got a few cracked ribs and CJ a broken arm." The President said.

At that moment Leo and Josh entered the Oval Office.

"I'm sorry sir. We didn't mean to interrupt." Leo said.

The President slowly released his wife and walked towards Josh and Leo. He hadn't seen either of them since the shooting. He had been with Abbie and Zoey since his return and Leo and Josh had been trying to handle the fall out. When the President reached the two men, he put his hand on Leo's shoulder and eyed him from head to toe assuring himself that he was ok. Then he turned to Josh and gave him the once over.

"We're fine sir." Leo said.

The President just nodded his head. "Any word on Charlie or Sam."

"Charlie's out of surgery sir." Josh answered. "The bullet entered a relatively convenient area and there was only some tissue damage. The doctors expect him to make a full recovery."

"And Sam?" The President asked.

Josh bowed his head for a moment, taking deep breaths. The President looked from him to Leo.

"Oh no..." The President began.

"No, no." Leo cut him off. "He's still alive. But he's still in surgery, he um...he coded on the table, his heart stopped and it took them a while to get him back."

"Dear God." Abbie said.

"But they did get him back. The bullet hit part of his left kidney. The problem was that the bullet fractured and they had several pieces to remove. One of the larger pieces lodged in his spleen and they had to remove the entire spleen."

Jed looked towards Abbie for reassurance. She knew what he wanted but couldn't give it to him. "It depends on the outcome of the surgery, Jed. A person can live a normal healthy life without a spleen. We just have to pray that the rest of the surgery is without complications."

"I want constant updates. And I want to talk to Butterfield." The President said, his voice tinged with anger.

"The Service is still investigating the breach sir, but I told Butterfield that I am his first report." Leo said.

"Good." The President replied. He then looked at Josh and Leo. "You both should get some rest."

"I don't think that will be possible sir." Josh said. "Besides I told Toby to call me the minute there was any word on Sam."

"Ok" The President began but was interrupted by the ringing of Josh's cell phone.

They all froze for a moment, hoping for only good news. Josh quickly grabbed the phone from his pocket. "Hello?" he said.



There's No Place Like Home - 4



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