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"There's No Place Like Home" - Part 4

Caitlin finished reading the book and looked at her clock. 7:30am and still nothing, no word. She put the book on her nightstand and quickly threw on some clothes. She couldn't just stand around here and wait. She opened her door and saw her Agents still frantically on the phone. With whom, she didn't know but they had been like that since they had told her what had happened. But they still hadn't gotten through to the White House. 'I guess I'm not top priority right now.' She thought. 'I don't care, I need to know what's going on, more than just what the BBC is reporting.' With that she picked up her own phone and began dialing.

The White House lines were all busy.

She hit the receiver and dialed another number.

"We're sorry the cellular customer you are trying to reach is not available." The recording sounded into Caitlin's ear.

"Not available? Where the hell are you Sam?" Caitlin froze as an unwanted thought pushed into her head. "No, no. I'm not going to jump to any conclusions." She quickly dialed one more number.

"Hello?" a male voice sounded.

"Josh?" Caitlin said relieved she had finally reached someone.

"Caitlin..." Josh said softly.

The President and First Lady both looked up at Josh. "Dammit I was hoping she hadn't heard yet." The President whispered.

"Josh what the hell is going on? I know about the shooting but my detail hasn't been able to get through to anyone or give me any word. My father..."

"Is fine." Josh said looking at the President. "And so is Zoey. Things have been crazy to say the least. I should've called you, I'm sorry."

"It's ok. Are you ok?" She asked concerned.

"Physically, I'm fine." Josh didn't want to get into emotionally so he quickly changed gears. "Here's your Dad." And handed the phone to the President.

The President took a deep breath. "Hi sweetheart."

Caitlin let out a small, relieved sob at hearing his voice. "Thank God." She said softly. "I have been so worried."

"I know, and I'm sorry. I was hoping you hadn't heard yet."

"My detail woke me as soon as they heard. And I was having a very nice dream too." Caitlin said trying to make a joke. "Is Zoey really ok?" she asked, again serious.

"Yes she's upstairs right now, your mother's been taking good care of her, and me." The President said putting his arm around his wife.

"She always does. How is everyone else? Uncle Leo?"

"He's fine, being my backbone as always." The President paused knowing he had to tell her about Charlie...and Sam.

"What is it Dad? What's wrong, who's been hurt?" Caitlin asked sensing her father's hesitation.

"Charlie Young was hit. But he's fine."

"Oh no. Poor Zoey."


"What, who else..." she began but then she knew. "Sam"

"Yes" Bartlet answered. He knew how close Caitlin had gotten to both Sam and Josh during the campaign. The three of them were practically inseparable. They had even been nicknamed the three musketeers by the campaign staff.

"How bad?" Caitlin asked softly.

"He's still in surgery, but it is serious."

Caitlin paused. She didn't know what to say. She was afraid to say anything, afraid to let her emotions show through. Sam couldn't die, he was too important to her. He was her best friend, her knew her better than most, she cared about him...she loved him. Although she would never admit that to anyone, especially Sam.

"Caitlin..." the President questioned.

"I'm coming home. Today." Caitlin said forcefully.

"No, you're not." The President said with equal force.



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