WARNING: I was in a sappy mood and I apologize now for this piece of Danielle Steele-esque writing. I also liked the idea of Sam dressed in sweats and a T-shirt :)

Disclaimer- see part 1

Transitions- Part 6

Sam returned home after dinner and looking forward to some quiet time. He changed into some sweat pants and a t-shirt, sat down with his laptop and pressed the play button on the answering machine.

"Sam..." Toby's voice sounded from the machine, irritated. "Why aren't you home Sam? I don't have a life outside the office, therefore neither should you. Our meeting with the FEC candidates has been rescheduled for tomorrow morning at 8am, so make sure you are on time. You should be home when I call Sam."


"Hey Sam it's Laurie. Just thought I'd give you a quick call and say hi. I'm up working on my first case and thought of you. Give me a call later. Bye."


Sam sat staring at nothing thinking about Laurie and Mallory and...

"Hi Sam, it's Caitlin. I can't believe I spent all that time with you today and I forgot to tell that I really loved the speech you wrote on campaign finance. Not only did you catch the real point of the issue, but you have got my father down pat. I'm waiting for you to start adding little known, yet very long stories on anything you could possibly imagine. 'Did you know that the story of Blue Beard...' Nevermind, I think the wine I had at Donna's went straight to my head. Thanks again for today. Hope you had a pleasant night. See you tomorrow. G'night."

Sam smiled at Caitlin's ramblings. Then he looked back at the speech he was writing on his computer: The great thing about Caitlin. "The great thing about Caitlin" Sam repeated out loud. "No, no the great thing about America. America." He quickly deleted Caitlin's name then paused, lost in thought. He slowly typed in America, saved his work, and turned off the computer.

"Caitlin's not the only one who's wine went to her head." Sam thought as he headed off to bed.

Amanda M. Uliano

"Politics is too important to be left to politicians" -John Kennedy Jr.

"Scholarship is good, scholarship is fun, scholarship is for everyone"





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