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Transition- Part 7

The Week passed by in a blur. Caitlin was working on both the school prayer and the campaign finance issues. She was looking forward to a relaxing weekend but it wasn't meant to be.

"Caitlin!" Donna called out to her as she hurried up to her desk. "I've been looking for you all over. I have a proposition." She continued smiling and excited.


"You haven't found an apartment yet, right?"


"Well my roommate, Ellen, came home last night and told me that she's moving in with her boyfriend. So I now have a spare room. Want it?"

"Want what?" Josh asked coming over to them.

"The newly freed room in my apartment."

"I don't think it'd be proper for us to move in together, Donna." Josh said smiling.

"In your dreams buster. I meant Caitlin."

"Donna are you sure?" Caitlin asked. "I'm not a normal roommate. I'd have Secret Service Agents posted on the apartment who would check every guest, food delivery and what not we ever got."

"Hey my parents will be thrilled with the extra security. Besides you would have to put up with a drunken Josh coming and banging on our door at all hours of the night." She said elbowing Josh.

"One time Donna. Oh, wait, if I did ever do that again it wouldn't just be your apartment, it'd be the apartment of the daughter of the President."

"Like that would matter to you Josh." Caitlin said laughing.

"You're right it wouldn't." Josh said smiling.

"SO what do you say Caitlin? And if it doesn't have three letters and start with a Y, I don't want to hear it. C'mon, I'm probably the only roommate you could have. I've been completely cleared, security wise. And I'm a lot of fuuunnnn." Donna pleaded.

Caitlin smiled. "You know what. You're right. And I can't think of anyone I would rather live with."

"Yea!" Donna said hugging Caitlin.

"What's all the excitement?" CJ asked coming up with Sam and Toby behind her.

"Well I've finally found a place to live. Donna's apartment."

"You're moving out?" Sam asked Donna.

"No, we're going to be roomies." Donna said.

"The two of you, living together?" Sam asked.

"I feel sorry for your neighbors." Toby said.

"Well I'd better got tell my parents. And get everything secured. When can I move in?"

"This weekend. Ellen's moving out tomorrow."

"Should I be scared that she's trying to get away from you so fast?" Caitlin asked jokingly.

"Hey!" Donna exclaimed.

"Kidding. Ok I will talk to you all later." Caitlin headed off towards the Oval Office, excited about her living arrangements. Just as she turned the corner, she ran smack into the one person she didn't want to. "Oomph. Oh Mallory, I'm sorry."

I couldn't remember if Donna still had a roommate or not, so forgive the poetic license. -Amanda





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