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Transitions Part 8

"You should really watch where you are going." Mallory said to Caitlin after they collided.

"Thanks for the advice." Caitlin said moving to get around her.

"I'm on my way to see Sam." Mallory continued.

"That's nice."

"Yeah, I wanted to invite him to the theater tonight."

"He has a meeting tonight."

"With you again?" Mallory asked looking Caitlin up and down.

"Yes, and Josh, Toby, CJ and your Dad."

"Oh. So did he help you with your problem? Sam I mean."

"Not that one, but we did have a wonderful lunch." Caitlin replied sweetly.

"Our dinner was pretty great oo. Sam and I are seeing each other. You realize that don't you."

"I'd heard something about it. But I tend to ignore outrageous rumors."

"It's not so outrageous." Mallory came right up to Caitlin. "You may be the President's daughter, but you'll never be good enough for Sam. I mean why would he want you when he could have me?" Mallory asked then turned and walked away.

"Why indeed?" Caitlin thought out loud. "Because I'm smarter, more fun, and a hell of a lot cuter." She stopped when she saw several staff members staring at her. She smiled and continued towards the Oval Office. 'If Mallory wants to fight for Sam then she's got one hell of a battle ahead of her.' Caitlin thought as she reached the open door to her father's office.

She heard his voice and that of Leo's drifting outside. She peaked inside and saw them sitting and laughing together. She turned around and leaned against the door. 'If Mallory and I fight over Sam, it'll hurt two men I happen to love very much.' She thought as she poked her head back inside. 'I can't do that. Besides, Mallory is right. She is seeing Sam and he does seem to like her. And I have no reason to think that his feelings for me are more than friendship, I guess I will just have to suck it up and get over it. I will not make any moves towards Sam.' She started into the Oval Office to share her apartment news with her Dad. 'However if Sam makes the first move...' she thought with a smile. 'Well then that's a whole other story.'

The end.




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