Title: Aftershocks 

Author: Cindy Brewer 

email: cindyryan7@yahoo.com 

Disclaimer: I don't own them and am making no profit 

Spoilers: small ones for What kind of day has it been and under the shadow of two gunmen 1&2 

Summary: a month after coming back to work something happens that takes Josh right back 

Notes: Many thanks to Amanda for betaing.


"Josh, I'm fine."Donna replied for what seemed to be the millionth time as they walked up to her apartment several hours later.

Josh took her keys from her and quickly stepped in front to open the door. "Humor me, let me take care of you."

Donna sighed as she followed him into the apartment. Josh had been hovering since they left the emergency room, not that she blamed him after what he had been through the last couple months.

"Josh, I just have a slight concussion from when I hit my head. The whole thing is stupid."Donna replied as she sank wearily onto the couch still not believing that a car backfiring made her jump enough that she tripped over her own feet and smacked her head against the car.

"You were hurt, Donnatella."Josh replied as he tenderly covered her with a blue afghan. "There's nothing stupid about that."

"I tripped over my own feet, Joshua."Donna stated as she leaned her head against the back of the sofa closing her eyes. "And thanks to the paramedics and the Secret Service the whole staff will no about it tomorrow."

"I don't care."Josh replied as he sat down next to her.

Donna opened her eyes. "I have to work with these people every day, Joshua."

"I'll talk with them."


Josh reached over and gently caressed her right cheek as he met her gaze he realized how close he came to never seeing those beautiful blue eyes again. Even if it had been just a car backfiring.....it could've been a real gun......

Donna caught his hand and held it tightly in hers as she saw the dark emotions cross his face. "Joshua, I'm okay."

Josh swallowed hard. "You could've been....."

"Josh,"Donna replied gently. "It wasn't a gun."

"It could've been."

"It wasn't. I'm okay."

"I could've lost you, Donnatella."Josh whispered.

Donna felt tears start to form but she didn't bother to blink them away. The emotions she saw in Josh's eyes told her more than his words ever could.

"I'm not going anywhere, Joshua."Donna replied softly as she leaned forward and curled up against his chest.





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