Title: Between a Rock and a Hard Place 

Author: Cindy Brewer 

email: cindyryan7@yahoo.com 

Disclaimer: I don't own them 

Notes: Sequel to Pandora's Box. Many thanks to Vicki for betaing.:)


It was nearly midnight when a ringing sound awoke Josh. As he opened his eyes it took him a full minute to realize the ringing was coming from his cellular phone. Which of course was in his jacket on the chair across the room.

Josh got out of bed careful not to wake Donna. He quickly crossed over to the chair and grabbed the phone before its continued ringing could wake her.

"Lyman," Josh whispered as he answered the phone.

"Why are you whispering?" Sam Seaborn replied as he sat in his office.

Josh glanced at the clock on the nightstand. "Because it's nearly midnight and I didn't want to wake Donna. Did you call for a reason?"

Sam glanced at his computer clock and frowned. "Sorry didn't realize it was so late. Just wanted to let you know that Leo set up a meeting with Lillienfield for tomorrow."

"What time?" Josh asked as he looked at Donna's sleeping form.

"Nine," Seaborn replied quietly. "It's going to be just Leo, you and the President."

"Okay," Josh acknowledged as he leaned against the chair.

"Donna okay?" Sam asked as he stood and grabbed his jacket, preparing to leave.

"She finally told me who it was, Sam," Josh replied quietly.

"The one night stand?" Sam asked as he sat down on the corner of his desk. "Who was it?"

"Nick Halloway. Turns out he's an aide for Lillienfield," Lyman replied tersely.

"That explains a lot," Sam commented quietly. "At least we know now who gave Lillienfield the information for the Post story."

"When Lillienfield goes down Halloway has to go with him," Josh replied as he stood. "Donna was lucky that this bastard didn't infect her. But we have to keep him from doing this to somebody else."

"We will," Seaborn promised as he stood. "I'm going to head home and try to catch a few hours sleep. I'll see you tomorrow."

"'Night," Josh replied quietly as he ended the call.

After replacing the phone back in his jacket pocket Josh crawled back into bed. Sleep was elusive but he didn't mind. He spent the next several hours till dawn watching Donna sleep and thinking about their future.


Between A Rock And A Hard Place - 15



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