Title: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Author: Cindy Brewer
email: cindyryan7@yahoo.com

By two o'clock Donna found herself sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial staring out at the reflecting pool. Ironically the same spot where Josh had found her after she had found out the results of her Aids test at the beginning of the year.

She had no idea what to do. If she didn't go to Josh and Leo, Halloway and Lillienfield would win. If she went to Josh he'd be furious that she didn't tell him.

Donna winced as she remembered Josh asking her time and time again to tell him who the guy was with whom she had the one night stand with. Josh had given her every opportunity and then some and still she hadn't told him. Why?

Donna sighed and drew her knees to her chest. It wasn't like she had been protecting Nick. Part of her had been screaming to let Josh file the charges, put him in jail. The other part however had wanted nothing more than to bury the whole thing and move on.


More than anything Josh had wanted to go out and look for Donna, to warn her. But in the end he worked for the people of the United States and there were meetings to attend. Mind numbing, boring meetings but meetings none the less.

Now as a congressman tried to plead his case to Sam, Josh couldn't help but glance at his watch. Nearly two-thirty and no word from Donna. She would've called by now if she had car trouble or was stuck in traffic. Sam caught his friend's worried move and cleared his throat. "Congressman Whitman, why don't we take a short break? We'll meet back here in about twenty minutes?"

The blond haired man nodded as he stood. "Very well, Mr. Seaborn."

After the man left Sam turned to his friend. "Josh, go."

Lyman jerked from his thoughts. "Go where?"

"Your mind hasn't been in this room since the meeting started." Sam replied compassionately. "She hasn't come back yet and there's a reason for it."

Josh stood placing a hand on his friend's shoulder. "Thanks, Sam. I'll be back as soon as I can."


Donna was walking back to her car when she passed a hot pretzel stand. She didn't notice Danny Concanon waiting in line until the reporter called her name.

"Donna." The red haired man called as he jogged up to her. "Glad I caught you, was just about to come see you."

Donna blinked in surprise. "Me? Why?"

"I saw a preview of tomorrow's Post and wanted to warn you." Danny replied as he maneuvered her away from the crowd.

"I'm not exactly front page material, Danny." Donna replied trying to keep the worry out of her voice.

Danny rested a supportive hand on her shoulder. "You and I know that but the public doesn't. "

Donna leaned against a nearby tree. "What does it say?"She asked quietly.

Danny sighed. "It accuses you of leading a double life as a prostitute."


end of part 5 TBC





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