Title: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Author: Cindy Brewer
email: cindyryan7@yahoo.com
Notes: This is a sequel to Pandora's Box

An hour later Donna clutched a folded piece of white paper in her right hand as she stood in front of Josh's closed office door. No matter when or where this happened it was going to be rough. She just hoped that someday Josh would understand.

Donna almost chickened out and slid the paper under his door but then the door opened and she found herself staring into Josh's concerned brown eyes.

"You okay?" Lyman asked softly. She'd been distant all day.

"We need to talk," Donna replied quietly as she stepped past him into the office.

As soon as Josh closed the door behind them Donna wordlessly handed him the piece of paper.

Josh cast her a quizzical glance but didn't say a word as he opened the single sheet and began to read.

"Forget it!" Josh shouted as he crumpled up the paper and threw it into the trash can. "You're not quitting!"

Donna flinched but stood her ground. "It's for the best, Josh."

Josh grasped her shoulders forcing her to look at him. "For who? I know this week's been rough for you but it'll get better, I promise. We've been through worse."

Donna backed away and grasped the door handle. "I'll have the rest of the week's schedule printed and on your desk before I leave."

Josh closed the space between them. "I don't care about the damn schedule. Donna, if you need some time off we'll work it out."

Donna shook her head barely able to keep the tears under control. "I'm sorry, Josh."She replied quietly as she threw open the door and ran down the hallway nearly knocking Danny Concanon over in the process.

Danny stood next to CJ's office looking from Donna's retreating form to Josh's angry face and back again.

"She okay?" Danny asked with concern.

Josh shook his head his gaze fixated on the spot where Donna had been. "No," he replied quietly before turning and heading back to his office.

end of part 7 TBC





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