Title: "Between friends" 

Author: Cindy Brewer 

email: cindyryan7@yahoo.com 

Summary: Josh gets suspicious not to mention slightly jealous when Donna and Sam start spending time together. But all isn't what it appears to be. 

Author's notes: Just a warning guys this story is a little weak on plotline....:)

Josh Lyman swore silently as yet another file fell to the floor of his office as he tried to sift through the mess that was his desk.

"Donna!"Lyman shouted as he came up empty on the third pass of his desk. Where the hell was the EPA file on farming pesticides? He knew he had seen it this morning. It was only then that Josh realized his assistant wasn't in his office.

"Donnatella!!"Josh called again hoping that using her full name would get her attention.

Bonnie knocked on his open office door. "Josh? Don't you know that Donna left for lunch an hour ago?"

Josh glanced up from the stack of files and computer printouts. "Obviously not or I wouldn't have wasted five minutes calling her. Since when does she leave for lunch so early?"

Bonnie shrugged. "I don't know....she went somewhere with Sam."

Josh's head shot up. "Sam?"

"Yeah."Toby's assistant replied.

"Was it a working lunch?"Josh asked as his mind scrambled for reasons as to why Donna would be having lunch with Sam Seaborn.

"Not sure,"Bonnie replied looking at him strangely. "Anything you need me to find?"

"Yeah,"Josh replied as he gingerly pulled his hands away from the leaning pile. "See if you can find where Donna hid the EPA file on pesticides."


"Thanks Bonnie."

A few seconds later Bonnie poked her head back into the office.

"You found it already?"Josh asked surprised as he walked around the corner of his desk.

Bonnie shook her head. "No, I was just wondering if you wanted me to order lunch?"

"No thanks, I'll grab something later."Lyman replied suddenly not very hungry.


End of part one TBC




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