Title: Broken Dreams
Author: Cindy Brewer
email: cindyryan7@h...
Disclaimer: I don't own them and am making no profit
Rating: PG-13
Summary: When a heart breaking tradgey occurs rocking the Bartlet whitehouse 
to it's very core JAG is brought in on the investigation.
Author's notes: I really was going to wait until I finished this to post it 
but it's nearly half way finished so I thought I'd go ahead.:) This is set 
after 20 hours in L.A., JAG timeline before Boomerrang.
Also, no matter how it looks I never kill anyone off.:)

Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman slowly picked himself off of the sidewalk 
as he shook the cobwebs out of his head. His ears were ringing and he could 
feel a trickle of blood running down his right cheek from a cut on his 
The brown haired man in his early thirties sat down heavily as he struggled 
to remember what had happened....that was when he saw the limo.
Or what was left of it.

"Oh my God."Josh whispered as he looked around at the flurry of humanity. 
The limo that President Bartlet had sent his youngest daughter into only 
moments earlier was now a heap of charred metal being hosed down by the fire 
department. Around him other members of the White House senior staff 
shakily rose to their feet.

"Josh!'"Donna Moss exclaimed as she knelt next to her boss. It had taken her 
forever to exit the hotel and wade through the army of Secret Service agents 
that had descended. "Josh? Are you all right?"

"What happened?"Lyman asked as he struggled to his feet.

The young blonde woman quickly reached out to steady him as his knees 
started to buckle. "It was a bomb, Josh."She replied tearfully,"Zoey's 


Colonel Sarah Mackenzie lay still in her bed as she tried to figure out what 
had awakened her. The red numbers of her alarm clock read a quarter to three 
so she knew it hadn't been her alarm or the phone.
Then she heard it....someone was knocking rather insistently on her front 
Throwing the covers off Sarah quickly pulled on a blue robe and padded 
sleepily into the living room. She and Harm had been burning the midnight 
oil a lot over the past several days trying to get the Davidson case ready 
for trial. However the person that greeted her on the other side of the door 
was the last one she expected to see.

"Sam?"Sarah asked in surprise as she took in the young dark haired man's 
appearance. His black tuxedo jacket was torn in several places, his left 
hand had several cuts and his nose had a nasty gash across its bridge.

Sam Seaborn shifted uneasily from one foot to the other. "I'm sorry, Sarah, 
I know it's late."

Sarah gently took his right arm and pulled him into the apartment. She had 
met the deputy communications director a few months ago at a Washington 
gala. They had dated a few times since but with their complicated jobs 
neither had time for a serious relationship. No matter how much ethier had 

"What the hell happened to you?"Mac demanded as she gently ushered him over 
to the sofa. "You look like you were in a fight with half of Congress."

Sam shook his head wincing as a sharp pain shot through his ribcage as he 
sat down. "I wish I had been."

Mac had been about to get her first aid kit when she caught the haunted look 
in his eyes. She quickly retraced her steps and knelt next to her friend. 
"Sam? What is it? What's happened?"

"It was a typical day, Sarah."Seaborn replied shakily,"We were at a 
fundraiser at the Hilton hotel. The party wrapped up about one and we all 
started to head out. Some how a bastard planted a bomb in the President's 

Sarah rocked back on her heels her face paling. "Oh God....you mean the 
President was...."

Sam shook his head sadly. "No."He replied in a choked voice. "He hadn't 
gotten into the car yet. The bastard's got Zoey instead."

Sarah quickly rose to her feet and sat down next to her friend pulling him 
into an embrace.


Georgetown hospital
3:00 a.m.

President Jed Bartlet leaned against the hallway wall opposite the Intensive 
Care Unit. He was acutely aware of Leo McGarry standing twenty feet away in 
the bend of the corridor. Leo had been hovering ever since the explosion but 
Bartlet hadn't spoken a word to anyone, not even his old friend. He couldn't 
deal with anyone right now. He was barely dealing with the night's events 
Jed swallowed hard and shut his eyes briefly thankful that his wife had been 
in England. Abby had originally been due home tonight so she could attend 
the fundraiser with them but fog at Heathrow airport had grounded all 
flights. Now he just had to find the words to tell her that they had lost a 

Bartlet opened his eyes and looked through the window of the intensive care 
unit to the young man fighting for his life. Charlie Young had been the 
closest to the limo when it exploded. He had been talking to Zoey before she 
got into the car, confirming their plans for dinner the next day.
Jed slowly walked over to the window his feet felt like they were stuck in 
quicksand. He couldn't believe that his daughter had been taken from him.

"Hang in there, Charlie."Bartlet whispered praying for the young man who was 
not only his personal aide but a friend and right now the last link to his 
daughter. "Your sister needs you to pull through this."

"Just got word."Leo began quietly as he came to stand at Bartlet's left. 
"Fog finally lifted at Heathrow, Abby's on her way home."

Jed turned around and leaned heavily back against the window shutting his 
eyes. "God Leo, how do I tell her this over the phone?"

Leo placed a comforting hand on his friend's shoulder. "You don't have to. I 
can meet her at the airport and tell her then."

Bartlet shook his head. "No, Leo, I have to do it. No matter where or how I 
tell her it won't be any easier."He turned and looked back at Charlie's 
still form. "What are the doc's saying about Charlie?"

McGarry rubbed the back of his neck wearily with his good hand. His left arm 
had been broken during the explosion. "They're cagey but optimistic. They 
repaired his punctured lung and removed his spleen. They're most concerned 
about his concussion."

Bartlet stepped away from the wall. "Whatever he needs, Leo...."

"Already done."McGarry replied as Bartlet started to walk away. "Where are 
you going?"

"To call my wife."Bartlet replied sadly.


Sam flashed her a brief smile as Sarah handed him a blue coffee mug full of 
hot tea. She placed her own mug down on the small coffee table as she sat 
down. She opened the first aide kit and began taking out gauze and 

"I still don't know how they got the bomb in."Sam stated quietly as he 
absently traced the rim of the coffee mug with his finger. "The limo's are 
constantly rotated, there were secret service everywhere."

"Do you have any idea who might have done it?"Mac asked as she gently dabbed 
antiseptic on the gash on his nose.

Seaborn winced as the antiseptic seeped into the cut. "Could be any number 
of nutcases. Hell we don't even know if the bomb was meant for the President 
or for his daughter."

"Has she gotten threats?"Sarah asked as she placed a bandage over the cut.

Sam nodded wearily. "Yes, but I don't know if she was aware of them. Some 
people weren't too happy with the prospect of she and Charlie dating."
Seaborn winced inwardly as he realized that was the first time he had 
thought of Charlie since he had arrived at Sarah's apartment. He wasn't even 
sure if the young man was still alive.

Before Sarah could reply Sam stood pulling out his cell phone. "Charlie....I 
should call Josh and see if he knows anything about Charlie's condition."

Mac rose to her feet and stood next to him placing a gentle hand on his 
shoulder "Do you know what hospital he was taken to? I can make a few calls 
see what I can find out."

Seaborn met her gaze. "Georgetown, I think....it was pretty crazy....I'm not 
even sure if he's still alive. He was standing next to the limo....had just 
finished talking to Zoey."

Sarah gently took the phone from him and steered him back to the sofa 
forcing him to lie down. She pulled a purple afghan from the back of the 
sofa and placed it over her friend.

"Get some rest, Sam."Mac said softly as she pulled the afghan up around his 
shoulders. "I promise I'll wake you as soon as I know anything about 

"Thanks Sarah, for everything."Seaborn replied just as his eyes drifted 

end of part 1 TBC





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