Title: Broken Dreams
Author: Cindy Brewer
email: cindyryan7@y...
Disclaimer: I don't own them
Summary: When Zoey is 'killed' in a car bomb at a
fundraiser, JAG's invited in on the case.
Notes: Many thanks to Vicki for betaing.

"Mac!" Harm exclaimed as Sarah stepped through the
door at nine o'clock. "We've been trying to reach you
for the past half hour."

Sarah flashed him a sheepish look as she walked toward
her office. "Sorry, Harm. My cell phone's on the fritz
and the battery in my pager died and I haven't had a
chance to replace it. What's going on?"

"We got a lead on the Bartlet case," Harm replied as
he stood in the doorway."Bud's waiting for us in the
Admiral's office."

Mac nodded as she dumped her briefcase and coat on a
nearby chair. "I'll be right there."

CIA headquarters

Webb sat at his desk staring at the small map Bennett
had given him earlier that morning. He knew he had to
get it analyzed to make sure of it's authenticity. But
with the high stakes of this case Webb didn't trust
his usual sources at the CIA lab.

Which left only one group of people who had as much at
stake in this case as he did.

With a sigh Clayton put down the map and picked up the
phone. "Yes, I need to speak with Lieutenant Commander
Harmon Rabb Jr.."Webb paused, "I don't care if he's in
a meeting."


"So this really was an inside job by the Secret
Service," Mac replied with a sad shake of her head as
she sat next to Bud.

"Not the whole Secret Service, Ma'am," Bud replied
quietly as he flipped through a pile of computer
printouts, "Just part of it. Peter Koening has been
with the Secret Service for almost twenty years. The
last ten years he's been assigned to protect the
President's family."

"So is he just a run of the mill nutcase or does he
actually have a reason for killing Bartlet's
daughter?"Harm asked as he glanced at his boss.

Roberts nodded as he handed a printout to Rabb,
MacKenzie and Chedwiggen. "He has a good one as far as
motives go. His brother, Charles Koening was on death
row in New Hampshire for six years before his
execution date finally came around three years ago."

"The last year Bartlet was Governor of New Hampshire,"
the Admiral stated quietly not looking up from the
picture of Koening.

"Yes, Sir," Bud confirmed as he continued. "Bartlet
denied a stay of execution for Koening."

"Let me guess," Sarah began as she turned to face
Roberts. "The anniversary of his brother's death was
the day Zoey Bartlet was killed."

Bud nodded. "To the hour, Ma'am."

Chedwiggen's intercom buzzed catching everyone's
attention. "What is it, Tiner?"

"Sorry to interrupt, Sir," The young yeoman replied.
"But Agent Webb is on the phone and he's insisting to
speak with Commander Rabb."

AJ sighed before hitting the right button. "Put him
through, Tiner."

"Yes, Sir."Tiner replied.

"He's on line three, Sir."Tiner reported a minute

Chedwiggen motioned for Rabb to pick up the phone.
"Thank you, Tiner."

Rabb glanced at his boss apologetically before
standing and picking up the nearby phone. "What's
going on, Webb?"

"Is Mac there?" Webb asked as he picked up the map.

Rabb nodded. "Bud, Mac and I were briefing the Admiral
on a new development in the Bartlet case."

"Put me on speaker," Webb ordered. "I have something
they'll definitely be interested in."

"Okay," Rabb replied as he hit the correct button on
the phone before replacing the receiver. "It's on."

"That informant we were going to meet finally came
through," Webb began grimly "He told me that Zoey
Bartlet is still alive."

Stunned silence grasped the room for a moment before
Chedwiggen spoke. "How the hell is that possible?"

"I don't know, Admiral," Webb's disembodied voice
replied. "But he gave me a map that will allegedly
lead us right to her."

"How do you know he's telling the truth?" Mac asked as
she leaned forward.

"I don't, Mac, but the informant who gave me the
information is a worm who doesn't trust anyone but
himself. He doesn't risk his neck lightly or
cheaply." Clayton replied quietly.

"If there's any chance this is true, Sir, we have to
look into it," Bud stated quietly.

Chedwiggen nodded as he turned toward the
speakerphone. "Webb, I'd like you and Rabb to get the
map analyzed and if it is real follow it."

"I'll be over there shortly," Clayton replied as he
ended the conversation.

Chedwiggen turned to face Mackenzie. "Colonel, I want
you and Seaborn to track down this Secret Service
agent and bring him in."


It was eleven o'clock by the time Sam returned to his
office from a meeting with Toby and Leo. He had just
set his briefcase down on his desk when there was a
soft knock on his door.

"Sarah?" Seaborn said in surprise as he opened the

"Sorry I didn't call first, Sam," the Marine Colonel
replied quietly. "But I didn't want to tell you this
over the phone."

"You found out who killed Zoey didn't you?" Sam asked
as he stepped aside to allow her entrance into the
office before shutting the door behind her.

Mac nodded as she sat down in one of the chairs. "Yes,
but there's also a good chance that Zoey could still
be alive."

Sam had walked around his desk while she had been
talking and now quickly sat down as he felt his knees
go weak. "What?! Sarah, I saw the limo explode....."

"I know," Mac replied grimly. "We don't know all the
details yet but Webb's informant is reliable."

Sam's head snapped up. "Webb?" he repeated sharply.
"You're basing this on Webb? Sarah, after what I dug
up on this guy I wouldn't let him sell me the Brooklyn

Mac shook her head. "Don't believe everything you
read, Sam. Yes, Clayton's done some questionable
things in the past but when push came to shove he came
through for us. He's saved my life more than once."

Sam sank back into his chair shaking his head in
disbelief. "How could she possibly be alive, Sarah?
Everyone saw her get into the limo.....hell Charlie
was talking to her ten minutes before the door

"We have reason to believe the Secret Service was
involved," Mac replied grimly.

End of part 11 TBC




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