Title: Broken Dreams
Author: Cindy Brewer
email: cindyryan7@yahoo.com
Disclaimer: I don't own them
Summary: When Zoey is 'killed' in a car bomb JAG is
invited in on the investigation.

"I thought you had some pull around here."Webb
muttered darkly as he sat slumped in one of the chairs
in Harm's office.

Harm glanced up from a file. "Our lab's not as
high-tech as the CIA's. It'll take them some time to
run the tests."

"I just have a bad feeling about this whole mess,
Rabb."Clayton replied candidly. "If Bartlet is alive
she's in the hands of a group of people who'd rather
blow themselves up then hand her over to us."

"We'll get her out."Harm replied firmly as he set the
paperwork aside.

Webb shot him a look. "When aren't you an optimistic
boy scout?"

Just then Bud knocked on the open office door. "Sir,
here are the results on the map."

"Finally."Webb stated as he stood and snatched the
file folder from the younger man.

Rabb nodded at Bud. "Thank you, Lieutenant."

Robert's glanced at Webb before closing the door.
"You're welcome, Sir."

"Well?"Harm prompted as Webb read the results.

"It's real."Clayton replied as he grabbed his coat
from the back of the chair. "Let's go."

Harm quickly stood and grabbed his own coat from the
coat rack before catching up with the operative in the
bullpen. "Does it give us a place to start?"

Webb glanced over his shoulder at him. "Georgetown."


"That was Butterfield."Sam replied as he hung up the
phone twenty minutes later. "He can't find Koening at
any of his usual posts."

"Do you have a last known address for him?"Mac asked
as she leaned forward.

"It'll take a phone call."Seaborn replied as he stood.
"What do you have in mind?"

Sarah stood. "You might want to cancel the rest of
your meetings this afternoon. It might take us a few
hours to track him down."

Sam nodded as he came to stand next to her. "I'll have
to come up with an excuse to tell the President. I
don't want to get his hopes up about Zoey if this
turns out to be false."

Sarah placed a hand on his arm. "I think we can come
up with something. Let's go."


It was nearly one o'clock before Sam and Mac arrived
at Koening's apartment in Dupont Circle. The small 
apartment was located above a trendy new-age art

"You sure this is the right address?"Sarah asked as
they climbed the metal stairs on the right side of the

Sam double-checked the small piece of paper he was
holding. "Yeah, why?"

Mac glanced at him over her shoulder. "Just doesn't
strike me as the type of place where a Secret Service
agent would live."

"Mr. Koening?"Sarah called as she knocked on the
yellow door.

To Sam and Sarah's surprise the door swung inward
easily at her touch.

Sam exchanged an anxious glance with Mac. "Isn't this
the part in the movie where the bad guy jumps out with
a gun?"

"Stay behind me."Mac ordered quietly.

"And let you have all the fun?"Sam replied with a
smile as he moved to her right.

"Sam...."Mac protested.

"I work for the President remember?"Sam replied with a
grim smile. "Do you think we haven't had defense 

Sarah nodded and pushed the door all the way open. Sam
was close on her heels as they stepped into the

"Knew this wasn't going to be easy."Mac replied in
frustration a few minutes later when they discovered
that all the rooms of the apartment were empty.

"And I thought Josh's apartment was badly
decorated."Sam commented with a shake of his head as
he walked past Sarah and into the tiny bedroom.

"This isn't badly decorated,"Mac replied from the
living room as she started to sift through the papers
on the small oak desk. "This is sparse."

"All his clothes are here."Sam stated as he joined her
in the living room. "So if he skipped town he's
planning to burn up his credit limit."

"He's not gone."Sarah replied softly as she turned to
face Sam holding a piece of paper. "If he has Zoey he
has every reason to stay."

"Very accurate deduction."A cold male voice stated
from the front doorway causing both Sam and Mac to
whirl around. "Especially from a pair of government

Sam's gaze was frozen on the gun in Koening's hand.
"Where's Zoey?"

"You're about to find out, Mr. Seaborn."Peter replied
as he waved the gun motioning for them to move out of
the apartment. "And no hero moves. I have no problem
with killing both of you....as you already know I have
nothing to lose."

end of part 12 TBC





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