Title: Broken Dreams 

Author: Cindy Brewer 

email: cindyryan7@yahoo.com 

Disclaimer: I don't own them 

Summary: After Zoey is 'killed' in a car bomb JAG is invited in on the investigation. 

Author's Notes: This story is finally done. I should have the rest of it posted by the end of the week. Many thanks to Vicki for her wonderful job at betaing and to Amanda for all her help on the Washington and Baltimore details.:)

"Mac's not answering," Webb reported a few minutes later as Harm passed a slow moving semi-truck.

"Nearly forgot, she mentioned this morning that her cell's on the fritz," Harm replied sheepishly. "Try Seaborn."

Webb just shook his head as he pulled out his computerized address book and began searching for Seaborn's cellular phone number that Mac had given them earlier.

"Once we get to Baltimore go to Water Street," Webb ordered as he glanced down at the map. "Only problem is it doesn't tell us what warehouse she's in. The line ends at a cluster of buildings."

Harm nodded, "Shouldn't be too hard to narrow it down. I have a feeling these guys aren't as smart as they think they are."


Zoey sank back against the wall, the last few days starting to make sense now. If everyone thought she was dead the kidnappers had no need to contact her family.

"How many agents were killed?" Zoey asked quietly as she glanced at Seaborn.

"Three," Sam replied sadly.

Zoey buried her head in her hands for a moment before meeting Sam's concerned gaze. "Why would anyone do this, Sam? Was this because of me and Charlie?"

Sarah shook her head. "We thought so at first but later discovered that the bomb wasn't directed at you."

Zoey looked at her in surprise. "Why go to the lengths of blowing up the limo and taking me if this wasn't because of the threats I've been getting?"

"This was a personal vendetta against your father, Zoey," Sam replied grimly as he scooted closer to the younger woman. "They figured taking you like this would cause him the most pain."

"Tell her the rest, Sam," Mac urged quietly.

Sam shot her a look. "Sarah, we don't need to go into that now. Let's concentrate on finding a way out of here."

Zoey glanced at Sam to Sarah and back again. "Tell me what? Is this about my father? You said he wasn't hurt...."

"He's fine," Sam quickly assured her. "Physically anyway."

"Zoey," Sarah began gently. "We have hard evidence that the man behind your kidnapping is a secret service agent who was assigned to guard your family."


"Seaborn's not answering either," Clayton stated as he tried to conceal his anxiety. This case just seemed to be getting worse and worse with every turn.

Harm frowned as he pulled off the highway at the Baltimore exit. "Koening might have given them some trouble when they went to bring him in. Give me the phone, I'll call the Admiral and see if they're there."

Webb handed him the small phone as he watched the road signs. "Another mile and we should be at Water Street."

Harm nodded in acknowledgement as he dialed the familiar number to JAG headquarters.


Zoey stared at them in shock for a moment before shakily rising to her feet. "One of our dispatch? That's not possible, Sam."

Sam watched Zoey with concern as she walked toward the door, "I didn't think so at first either, Zoe, but its the only thing that makes sense."

"He had motive," Sarah added quietly as she stood.

Zoey whirled to face them. "So that makes it okay?!"

Mac shook her head, "No, of course it doesn't. But a lot of times tragedies happen without reason. All I'm saying is that this one had a reason."

"And what was that reason that turned my life upside down?" Zoey demanded as she walked back toward them.

Sam stood and crossed the space between them gently pulling the shaking young woman over to the side of the room and placing an arm around her shoulders.

"Zoe," Sam began gently. "When your father was Governor he had to make decisions that sometimes affected peoples lives. He...."

Sam broke off his sentence as Koening entered the room. The door swung inward with a loud clang.

Sam instantly stepped in front of Zoey pushing her closer to the wall. "You have no way out of this, Koening. Killing us will just make it harder for you to get away."

Peter Koening smiled but didn't acknowledge Sam's statement. Mac, however was ready for Koening when he lunged toward her. As his arm weaved its way around the Marine's neck, Sarah responded with a sharp right kick to Koening's stomach. Koening doubled over in pain but recovered quicker than Sarah had planned on. Before she could make a counter attack Peter slammed the butt of the gun heavily across her forehead. The blow sent Sarah sprawling backwards into the far wall.

"Sarah!" Sam cried and started toward her but stopped when Koening spun back toward him gun aimed at Zoey.

"I told you before no hero moves!" Koening shouted clearly becoming unhinged. "You will do what I say and play by my rules."

"What do you want?" Sam demanded amazed that his voice didn't shake. He moved slowly back toward Zoey.

Koening laughed as he glanced at Zoey. "To have the kind of ultimate power that your father held over my brother. For now you'll just have to sit here and wait."

Sam felt Zoey jump as Koening left the room slamming the door shut behind him.

"What was he talking about, Sam?" Zoey asked struggling to keep the fear out of her voice.

"I'll explain in a minute, Zoe," Sam replied as he scurried over to Sarah MacKenzie's still form.

Seaborn winced as he saw the large gash across the middle of her forehead that was bleeding heavily.

"Oh God," Sam whispered as he yanked a handkerchief out of the chest pocket of his suit coat. "Sarah? Can you hear me?"

"Give me your coat," Zoey ordered quietly as she knelt next to him.

"What?" Sam asked as he watched Zoey gently maneuver the Marine Colonel so she was laying flat. "Zoe, I don't think we should move her."

"Sam, just trust me," Zoey replied as she gestured for him to take off his coat. "I learned a few things from my mother."

end of 14 TBC





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