Title: Broken Dreams 

Author: Cindy Brewer 

email: cindyryan7@yahoo.com 

Disclaimer: I don't own them 

Summary: After Zoey is 'killed' in a car bomb JAG is invited in on the investigation. Author's Notes: Many thanks to Vicki for her wonderful job at betaing and to Amanda for her help with the Washington and Baltimore details.:)

"Okay let me get the details straight," Webb began as he and Rabb got out of the car, which was parked two blocks away from the rundown warehouse. "We have a witness who saw Koening lead Mac and Seaborn away from the apartment. But they haven't turned up at JAG so we're assuming that Koening brought them here. And we're assuming that because....?"

Harm smiled grimly as they walked quickly through the back alley between the warehouses. "Koening's going to want to keep things where he can control them. If this is his headquarters like we think it is Koening will want to keep all the hostages together so he can make a power play."

"And we don't know how many men Koening has in there," Webb finished.

Harm shot him a dubious look. "Since when do the odds matter to you, Webb? Getting soft in your old age?"

Webb glared at Rabb as he stepped in front of the navy officer. "I'm just remembering the numerous times your hero moves nearly got me killed."

Harm's eyes narrowed. "That street goes both ways, Webb. Do I need to remind you about Russia?"

"My hands were tied on that," Clayton replied quietly. "I did everything I could to help you and Mac. Besides you weren't there on official JAG business."

Rabb waved him silent as they arrived at the back of Koening's warehouse. Using hand signals Harm motioned that they should enter the building through the small loading bay a few feet from the dock. Webb nodded and the two slowly moved toward the warehouse, weapons drawn.

****** JAG Headquarters Falls Church, Virginia

Admiral A.J. Chedwiggen tried to concentrate on his seemingly never ending pile of paperwork but he just couldn't get past the first page. The waiting was sometimes the worst part of being in command. After the orders were given there was nothing else to do. And it was times like these that A.J. regretted not being able to be out in the front lines.

"Come," A.J. replied wearily to the sharp knock on his office door.

Tiner poked his head in. "Admiral, you might want to turn on the TV. President Bartlet's about to give a press conference."

Chedwiggen raised an eyebrow. "Thank you, Tiner."


As Peter Koening stepped into the room Sam instantly stood putting himself between Koening and Sarah and Zoey.

"If you let them leave," Sam began as he stepped forward. "it'll work greatly in your favor."

As a reply Koening merely fired a shot that landed just inches from Sam's left shoe causing Seaborn to jump back several feet.

"There will be no negotiations, Mr. Seaborn," Koening stated coldly as he took a small object out of his right coat pocket. "The cavalry you've been waiting for was spotted in the area but I'm afraid they won't get here in time."

Sam heard Zoey gasp in fear and he reached behind him and down to place a reassuring hand on her shoulder. He couldn't believe that after they had found Zoey and everything else that had happened over the last week that this would be the end result. There just had to be a way out, he just wasn't seeing it. Sam wished Sarah was awake. He could really use her help right about now.

"As fun as this experience has been I think its time I left this party," Koening replied as he opened the door.

Sam rushed forward hoping to catch the door before it closed but Koening didn't close the door like Sam expected him to. The next thing Seaborn saw was Koening's fist as it connected with his jaw.

"Sam!" Zoey cried out instantly running toward her fallen friend's side.

"I-I'm okay."Seaborn assured her groggily as he struggled to sit up.

Koening watched the scene with an amused expression. "How touching, but I assure you in a few minutes the pain you're feeling will be forgotten." He held up the cigarette lighter that he had taken out of his pocket earlier. "This building has been coated with gasoline......all it will take is one tiny flicker of this flame."

Sam and Zoey could only watch in helpless horror as Koening dropped the active lighter against the right wall. Koening glanced at Zoey before exiting the room. "Ms. Bartlet, it's been a pleasure."


"Good afternoon," CJ Cregg greeted the room full of reporters as she stepped up to the familiar podium. "The President will make a brief statement, there will be no questions taken at this time."The Press Secretary turned to her left. "Mr. President."

Josiah Bartlet nodded and stepped up to the podium. "Thank you, CJ."

Bartlet glanced down at the statement that Toby had prepared and then over at his wife who was standing to his right. Abby smiled at him and Jed turned back to face the room full of reporters. He put the statement back in his pocket. Yes this was a matter of national security that the nation needed to be reassured about. But this was also about his family. Somebody had shattered his family and that would not be tolerated.

"Barely a week ago I was dancing with my youngest daughter at a fundraiser."Bartlet began instantly pulling the room into a deep silence. "The next instant Zoey was taken away from me. This administration will not rest until the people responsible for this tragedy are caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."


end of part 16 TBC





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