Title: Broken Dreams 

Author: Cindy Brewer 

email: cindyryan7@yahoo.com 

Disclaimer: I don't own them 

Summary: After Zoey is 'killed' in a car bomb JAG is invited in on the investigation 

Author's Notes: Many thanks to Vicki for her wonderful job at betaing and to Amanda for her help with the Washington and Baltimore details.

"Did that seem a little too easy to you?" Harm asked in a whisper as the duo moved through the back hallway of the warehouse. They had taken out four of Koening's men when they first stepped through the door and nobody else had stepped forward to stop them.

"Yes,very," Webb replied as they paused in a bend in the corridor.

Harm nodded as he glanced around the corner. "What do you think? Bomb?"

Clayton shook his head. "From the information you guys pooled about Koening he doesn't strike me as the suicidal type."

"Agree," Harm replied as they cautiously moved around the corner. "But I'm still not putting it past him to have traps set. He's got some very important hostages."

Webb placed a hand on Harm's shoulder yanking the former aviator back against the wall. "Do you smell smoke?"

Harm stood still for a moment but then he noticed it too. "Damn," he replied angrily as he broke into a run.


Sam tried to reach the door handle but the fire had quickly engulfed the left wall. The door wasn't on fire yet but the intense heat made getting to it impossible. He backpedaled toward Zoey his eyes watering from the smoke.

"Stay low to the ground," Seaborn ordered his voice raspy from the smoke. "I'll try to find us a way out."

Zoey snagged his left arm as he turned to leave. "Sam! Sarah's coming to."

Seaborn instantly dropped to his knees next to the fallen Marine and saw her trying to sit up. "Take it easy, Sarah," Sam stated as placed a gentle hand on her left shoulder easing her back down."You hit your head pretty hard."

"Where's Koening?" Mac asked hoarsely as she sat up, more slowly this time. Her head felt like an elephant was sitting on it, but otherwise nothing seemed to be broken.

"He's gone," Zoey replied quietly handing Sarah Sam's handkerchief.

Sarah flashed her a grateful look as she pressed the cloth against her forehead. It was only then that she noticed the flames. Mac quickly stood which she realized too late was a mistake as the world immediately began to swim. Sam and Zoey instantly reached out and steadied Sarah as she started to fall.

"You okay?" Sam asked worriedly before risking a glance at the growing fire.

Sarah nodded. "Yeah, but we won't be if we can't get that door open."

Sam shook his head sadly. "I tried, but the heat's too intense."

Mac glanced at their only exit and then back at Sam. "There's a way out of here," she assured them quietly."There has to be."


Harm and Webb stepped into the main room of the warehouse just in time to see Koening open the front door.

"If you think you're going somewhere, you're gravely mistaken," Rabb stated coldly as he walked toward Koening his gun leveled at Koening's head.

The dark haired man slowly turned around a smile on his face. "You're too late to save them."

"That's your opinion," Webb replied quietly as he came to stand next to Rabb.

Harm grabbed Koening by the front shirt collar and slammed him up against the door. "You have less than ten seconds to tell me where they are."

Koening smirked. "Do you think I'm scared of you?"

Rabb shook his head. "No, but I don't think you want to die. And that is what will happen if you don't start giving some answers that I like."


Mac looked from Sam and Zoey's worried faces to the rapidly growing fire and back again. There had to be an escape route that none of them were seeing.

Sarah scanned the room once more. The fire had completely engulfed the left and right walls and was working on the front wall licking the door. Mac whirled around ignoring the wave of dizziness that nearly toppled her. The room had no windows but the back wall might be their ticket out. It was mostly cement but there was a section of it near the right corner that was wood. And since the wall was close to the harbor the wood was exposed to the salt air and the elements. If their luck held the wood might just be rotten enough for them to break their way through.

Sarah grabbed Seaborn's arm and gestured toward the back wall. "We might have a chance to break through the wood if it's rotted away enough."

Sam nodded and turned back to Zoey. "Zoey stay close to the back wall and stay as low to the floor as possible. We're going to try to break through the wood section."

The young woman nodded and scurried toward the cement wall where she quickly crouched down into a sitting position.

Sam met Sarah's gaze. "Think this will work?"

Mac shrugged. "It's our only chance, Sam, it has to."

"If we get out of this I owe you at least a couple dinners," Sam replied quietly as he knelt next to the back wall.

Despite the grim situation Sarah smiled briefly. "I hope you're not planning on cooking those dinners."

Sam shook his head as he tested a board for its weakness. "I wouldn't put anybody through my cooking."


end of pt.17 TBC





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