Title: Broken Dreams
Author: Cindy Brewer
email: cindyryan7@h...
Disclaimer: I don't own them and am making no profit
Rating: PG-13
Summary: When a heart breaking tradgey occurs rocking the Bartlet whitehouse 
to it's very core JAG is brought in on the investigation.
Author's notes: I really was going to wait until I finished this to post it 
but it's nearly half way finished so I thought I'd go ahead.:) This is set 
after 20 hours in L.A., JAG timeline before Boomerrang.
Also, no matter how it looks I never kill anyone off.:)
Things in // are people's thoughts.

Admiral AJ Chedwiggen buried his head further under his pillow. A pounding 
on his front door had interrupted his sleep. And from what his alarm clock 
told him whatever the news that someone was bringing at this ungodly hour 
was not good.

When the pounding didn't cease the former Navy SEAL sighed pushing the 
pillow aside as he threw off the covers. Pulling on a black robe AJ padded 
barefoot into the living room.
Chedwiggen groaned inwardly as he looked through the window. Webb, terrific.

"Webb, do you have any idea what time it is?"AJ demanded as he opened the 

CIA Agent Clayton Webb's face was grim as he stepped uninvited past 
Chedwiggen and into the living room. "Believe me AJ, I wish I wasn't here."

"What's going on, Webb?"The Admiral demanded not liking the look on the 
operative's face.

Webb sighed as he turned to face the head of JAG. "Somebody planted a bomb 
in the President's limo, killing his daughter, the driver and two secret 
service agents."

"When?"Chedwiggen demanded.

"They were at a fundraiser. It wrapped up about one."Webb replied "Bartlet's 
personal aide was seriously injured and is in ICU. Other members of the 
senior staff acquired lesser injuries."

AJ shook his head in amazement. "Bartlet?"

"Not a scratch."Clayton replied as he took a step toward the door. "AJ, JAG 
is officially invited in on this investigation. Preliminary reports on the 
explosive tell us that it is domestic terrorism."

"Any idea who?"The former SEAL asked as he reached for his phone.

Webb shook his head. "No, which is why we need Harm and Mac on this one."


By five thirty that morning the senior staff gathered in the bullpen of the 
west wing looked like the walking wounded.

"Anybody heard anything on Charlie?"CJ Cregg asked as she stood gingerly and 
limped over to the coffee machine.

"Still unconscience."Josh replied sadly as he sat at Donna's desk.

The bullpen fell silent once more....the bank of TV monitors on the back 
wall normally on were off. No one wanted to watch the relentless media 

"Where's Sam?"Toby asked softly as he leaned against the door. The small 
movement caused pain to knife through his cracked rib.

"We don't know."CJ replied as she turned around glancing at Josh.

Lyman shook his head confirming her statement. "Nobody's seen him since 

Zeigler nodded. "He probably just needed some time to...."The communications 
director trailed off as Leo McGarry entered the room followed by two men 
both in military uniforms.

"This is Admiral A.J. Chedwiggen head of the Judge Advocate General and 
Lieutenant Harmon Rabb Jr."Leo stated as he stopped in the center of the 
room."They've been invited by both the White House and the CIA to help with 
the investigation into Zoey's murder. So I want you to cooperate fully with 
whatever they need."

"Do we have any leads?"Josh asked tightly as he leaned forward wincing as a 
firey pain shot through his bruised collar bone.

"Only that it's domestic terrorism."Leo replied grimly as he glanced at each 
of his friends knowing how close they had come to being killed. "And that 
information doesn't leave this room."


Sam Seaborn woke slowly and as he turned over opening his eyes he realized 
he wasn't in his apartment. It was then that he saw Sarah Mackenzie asleep 
in a nearby chair; cordless phone and pad of paper in her lap.
"Oh God.....Zoey."The dark haired man whispered sadly as he sat up. The 
previous night's events hitting him full force..
Shaking himself out of his thoughts Sam tried to focus on his watch in the 
dim light, six a.m..

Sam stood pulling the purple afghan with him. Crossing the short space he 
gently placed it over the Marine Colonel.
Sarah awoke as Sam turned away from the chair.

"Sorry, I was trying not to wake you."Sam commented sheepishly as he knelt 
next to the chair.

Sarah straightened as she turned to face him."What time is it?"

"Six."Seaborn replied.

Mac nodded as she remembered the pad of paper in her lap. "It took a few 
calls but I finally found some information on your friend."

"Is he alive?"Sam asked anxiously.

"Yes."Sarah replied,"But he's unconscience. They repaired a punctured lung 
and removed his spleen. He's in the intensive care unit."

Sam nodded as he stood placing a gentle hand on her shoulder. "Thanks, 

Sarah placed her hand over his. "You can stay as long as you want."

Sam flashed her a brief but grateful smile. "Thanks, but I need to get to 
work and find out what's going on. I want to make sure everyone's okay."

Mac nodded as she stood. "Call me if you need anything.....no matter what 
time it is."

Seaborn squeezed her hand as a reply before turning and quietly leaving the 

After he left Sarah smothered a yawn as she started toward the bathroom. The 
flashing light on her answering machine caught her attention. She quickly 
hit the play button:

*Mac, it's Harm. Call me as soon as you get this. You won't believe what's 


Zoey Bartlet groggily opened her eyes to find she was in a cold, cement room 
barely bigger than a closet. Her hands and feet were tied with a coarse 
The room had no window so she had no idea how long she had been there.

The young woman struggled into an awkward sitting position wishing she could 
remember what happened. Her head was pounding relentlessly.
In an effort to fight the pain Zoey closed her eyes and leaned her head 
against the wall. The last thing she remembered was talking to Charlie 
outside of the hotel. He was reminding her of their date the next day, as if 
she would forget.

Zoey's eyes flew open as she remembered the threats the White House had 
received about her dating Charlie. She hoped he was all right.

end of part 2 TBC





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