Title: Broken Dreams
Author: Cindy Brewer
email: cindyryan7@h...
Disclaimer: I don't own them and am making no profit
Rating: PG-13
Summary: When a heart breaking tradgey occurs rocking the Bartlet whitehouse 
to it's very core JAG is brought in on the investigation.
Author's notes: I really was going to wait until I finished this to post it 
but it's nearly half way finished so I thought I'd go ahead.:) This is set 
after 20 hours in L.A., JAG timeline before Boomerrang.
Also, no matter how it looks I never kill anyone off.:)
Things in // are people's thoughts.

Leo McGarry walked past Mrs. Landingham's desk. "Is he in the Residence?"

The President's long time secretary shook her head sadly. "No"

Leo stopped in his tracks turning to face her. "Where?"He asked even though 
he knew the answer.

Landingham gestured with her head back toward the closed door of the Oval 
Office. "He's been there since he got back from the hospital."

Leo nodded as he started toward the closed door. "Is Abby with him?"

"No, she's in the residence."Mrs. Landingham replied knowing better than 
anyone did what it was like to loose a child.

McGarry knocked once on the office door before a muffled response 
acknowledged his request to enter.


After giving his statement to the JAG officers Josh wearily retreated to his 
office. He left the light off as he closed the door behind him. He sat down 
on the corner of his desk and reached across for his phone, somebody had to 
track Sam down.
It was only then that Josh noticed that someone was sitting in his chair.

"Donna?"Lyman asked as he recognized his assistant.

The young blonde woman quickly wiped away her tears as she stood. "I'm 
sorry....I know I shouldn't be...."

Josh stood and gently grasped her shoulders as she rounded the corner of the 
desk. "You okay?"He asked softly even before his brain registered that it 
was a stupid question.

Donna shook her head as the tears began to flow once again. Josh wordlessly 
drew his friend into a comforting embrace.


After showing her JAG ID, Sarah MacKenzie was quickly ushered through White 
House security and shown to the West Wing. A few well-placed questions to a 
nearby Secret Service agent pointed her to the communications bullpen where 
Harm was still collecting statements.

Lieutenant Harmon Rabb Jr. sat on the corner of one of the desks 
interviewing Toby Zeilger.

The dark haired man glanced toward the door noticing the Marine Colonel. 
"Friend of yours?"Toby asked.

Rabb followed the older man's gaze spotting Mac instantly. "Yes, she's my 
partner and I need to fill her in. Will you excuse me for a moment?"

Zeilger nodded. "I'll be in search of caffeine."The communications director 
replied as he stood.

Harm reached Sarah's side and quickly ushered her into a nearby empty 
office, closing the door.

"I'm sorry I didn't pick up the phone when you called."Sarah commented as 
she sat on the corner of the desk."I must've slept right through it."

Rabb nodded deciding there wasn't any other way to say it then to say it. 
"President's daughter was killed in a car bomb last night."

"I know."Sarah replied grimly clearly remembering Sam's haunted expression.

Harm blinked in surprise. "Did the Admiral fill you in?"

Sarah shook her head. "No, Sam Seaborn knocked on my door at three this 

"The deputy communications director?"Harm asked as he placed the name.

Mac nodded. "He was pretty shaken up. Do we have any leads at all?"

Harm shook his head grimly. "Not really. We have a handful of white 
supremacist groups claming responsibility but none have panned out."

"So the bomb was meant for her and not the President?"Sarah asked sadly.

Harm shrugged. "All we know for certain is that it was domestic terrorism. 
The same ingredients used in this device were used to take out the Murray 
building in Oklahoma."


Charlie Young awoke to a world full of pain. Every nerve ending seemed to 
be on fire forcing the young man to keep his eyes closed. Breathing was 
difficult he couldn't imagine the effort it would take to open his eyes.
As Charlie lay there the memories assaulted him.....the fundraiser, leaving 
the hotel, talking with Zoey, Zoey getting into the limo.

The youth's eyes snapped open as the final memory came into focus. What he 
was remembering couldn't be true.
It just couldn't.

A middle aged blonde haired nurse stepped into his line of vision. "We're 
very glad to see you awake, Mr. Young. You have a lot of people worried 
about you."

The woman leaned forward to check his vitals. "Mr. Young, do you know where 
you are?"

Charlie struggled past the memories to focus on her questions. He knew that 
was the only way he'd find out what happened. "H-hospital."He replied in a 
weary, hoarse voice.

The woman smiled brightly as she straightened. "Good. What's your name?"

"Charlie Young."The personal aide replied his voice gaining strength.

"Excellent."The nurse replied happily. "I'll tell Doctor Bradley that you're 

Charlie snagged her elbow as she turned to leave halting her. 
"Please....Zoey....is she alright? How bad was she hurt?"

At the nurse's hesitation Young's hand instantly dropped away from her arm. 
Charlie turned his head away from her knowing the answer. He had seen the 
same look in Sergeant Tanner's face when he and his sister had been informed 
of their mother's death.

"I'll get Doctor Bradley."The woman replied awkwardly as she turned and 
quickly left the room.

Once he was alone Charlie squeezed his eyes shut drawing the blanket closer 
around his shoulders. Zoey had been the first person he had gotten close to 
since his mother had died.
Now she was gone too.

How could he have been so close to the limo and not have seen anything? 
Charlie opened his eyes and looked out the window finally allowing the tears 
to flow. He could only hope that Zoey's parents could someday forgive him 
because he knew he'd never forgive himself.


end of part 3 TBC





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