Title: Broken Dreams
Author: Cindy Brewer
email: cindyryan7@h...
Disclaimer: I don't own them and am making no profit
Rating: PG-13
Summary: When a heart breaking tradgey occurs rocking the Bartlet whitehouse 
to it's very core JAG is brought in on the investigation.
Author's notes: I really was going to wait until I finished this to post it 
but it's nearly half way finished so I thought I'd go ahead.:) This is set 
after 20 hours in L.A., JAG timeline before Boomerrang.
Also, no matter how it looks I never kill anyone off.:)
Things in // are people's thoughts.

White House reporter Danny Concanon was amazed at how easily he had gotten 
to C.J's office. He had expected more roadblocks but ethier way he was 
grateful. He wasn't there as a reporter he was there as a concerned friend.

Even with all of his contacts Danny had found out very little about the limo 
explosion. All he knew was that most of the senior staff had been injured 
and that one was in the hospital.

"Are you okay?"Danny demanded anxiously as he entered the press secretary's 
office without bothering to knock.

C.J. glanced up container of fish food in one hand. "I didn't feed Gail 

Danny crossed the room stopping a few feet from the front of her desk. 
"She's fine. How are you?"

The red haired woman shakily set the container down and gingerly walked 
around the corner of her desk.

Danny instantly frowned at her limp and reached forward to take her arm. 
"You're hurt....."

"Just a sprain...."C.J. replied quietly

"Did you get that looked at?"Kincanin asked worriedly as he tenderly brushed 
a stray hair out of her face.

C.J. nodded as Danny drew her into an embrace.

"You don't know how glad I am that you're okay."Danny replied softly as he 
rested his chin on top of her head.


At first Leo thought the Oval office was empty. The room was dark and still 
a far cry from the normally hectic room. It was only as he turned back 
toward the main door that he spotted Bartlet sitting slumped in one of the 
chairs near the right wall.

The Chief of Staff quickly knelt next to his old friend noticing for the 
first time the small item that was clutched in the President's hands. It was 
a pre-school picture of Zoey clutching her mother's hand outside the school.

"Jed?"Leo asked with concern wondering if the current strain was affecting 
the President's health.

"Any news on Charlie?"Bartlet asked in a choked whisper not looking up from 
the picture.

McGarry shook his head grimly. "He's the same."He replied quietly.

"How, Leo?"Jed asked as his hands tightened on the small picture. "How could 
this have happened?"

Leo placed a hand on his friend's arm. "We will find out who did this, I 
promise. JAG and the CIA are coordinating with State, FBI and the NSA."

Georgetown hospital
7:30 a.m.

Josh Lyman rubbed the back of his neck wearily as he walked down the busy 
corridors of the hospital. The nurse had called to inform them that Charlie 
had awakened. Toby had taken it apon himself to tell the President while 
leaving Josh the unfortunate position of telling Charlie about Zoey.

The Deputy Chief of Staff paused by the nurse's station in the intensive 
care unit. God he didn't want to break the kid's heart......Josh knew 
Charlie was just starting to rebound from his mother's death. Taking a deep 
breath to steel himself Josh moved away from the nurse's station and pushed 
open the heavy door of the ICU.

Charlie's eyes's opened instantly as the door opened. Seeing it was Josh, 
Charlie started to ease himself into a sitting position but quickly stopped 
when intense pain sliced through his rib cage.

Josh immediately placed a gentle hand on the younger man's shoulder's easing 
him back against the pillow. "Take it easy, Charlie. The President's the 
only one you have to stand at attention for."

Young closed his eyes as he lay still waiting for the pain to subside.

Josh glanced at him worriedly. "Want me to get a nurse?"

Charlie shook his head tightly. Finally the pain lessened enough so he could 
reopen his eyes. "Zoey's dead, isn't she?"He asked in a hoarse voice.

Josh quickly pulled a nearby chair over to the bed and sat down. He nodded 
sadly as he began to fill the younger man in on the details of the previous 


"What about the Davidson case?"Sarah asked as she and Harm stepped into the 
communications bullpen.

"Bud's going to take it."Harm replied as he glanced down at his notes to see 
whom they still needed to take a statement from. "But it doesn't go to trial 
for another week."

Mac turned to face her friend catching something in his voice. "You think 
this investigation will be done by next week?"

Rabb smiled grimly. "It's the President's daughter, Mac. This'll be wrapped 
up by Friday."


"How's Abby?"Leo asked quietly

Bartlet shook his head as he finally looked up from his daughter's picture. 
"I honestly don't know, Leo. I don't think she's had a chance to take it all 
in....doc's gave her a sedative."

Leo nodded. "If either of you need anything.....anything at all...."

Bartlet was about to reply when there was a quiet knock on the office door.

Leo stood as Mrs. Landingham poked her head into the darkened room.

"I apologize for the interruption, Mr. President."Bartlet's long time 
secretary replied softly. "But Mr. Zeigler is here with an update on 

Jed exchanged an anxious glance with Leo before nodding. "Send him in, Mrs. 


end of part 4 TBC





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