Title: Broken Dreams
Author: Cindy Brewer
email: cindyryan7@y...
Disclaimer: I don't own them and am making no profit
Rating: PG-13
Author Notes: No matter how it appears I never kill
anyone off in my stories....:)

Zoey's memorial service was held in the White House
chapel. The guest list was kept only to Bartlet family
members, Zoey's friends and the senior White House

Jed Bartlet stood just inside the doorway of the side
entrance at the front of the chapel. The President
glanced out at the room that was quickly beginning to
fill. Near the altar was a framed picture of Zoey. It
had been taken in their home in New Hampshire just
after the democratic nomination.

As he stared at his daughter's picture Jed felt
himself start to lean against the doorframe. He barely
had the strength to hold himself together how was he
going to make it through the next hour? How was he
going to find the strength to say goodbye to his
little girl?

A comforting hand on his right shoulder jerked Bartlet
from his thoughts. Turning he saw his wife standing
next to him her other hand resting on Charlie's wheel
Jed placed a hand over his wife's as he glanced down
at the young man. Despite the doctor's protests
Charlie had insisted on attending Zoey's memorial
service. The doctor's had agreed to release him only
into Abby's care. With strict orders to take it easy,
which meant getting around in a wheel chair until
Charlie got his strength back. Charlie had resisted
the wheel chair at first but when his legs had buckled
when he had tried to walk to the hospital room window
he had relented. 

Jed squeezed Abby's hand before releasing it and
kneeling next to the wheel chair. Charlie hadn't once
looked at him, his gaze transfixed on Zoey's picture a
few feet away.
"How are you doing, Charlie?"Jed asked quietly
concerned that his friend was doing too much too soon.

"Been better, Sir."Charlie replied in a barely audible
whisper as he finally met his boss's gaze, "But I'll
be okay."

"Is Elizabeth here?"Bartlet asked turning toward his

Abby nodded. "She's sitting with Mallory and Sam."

Leo appeared in the doorway his expression grim. "It's

Jed glanced back at Abby as he stood. The First Lady
nodded and seemed to pull herself up straighter as she
struggled to compose herself.
Jed stepped back and placed an arm around his wife's
waist as they stepped into the chapel. 


Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie stood awkwardly at
the fringe of the East Room where a small reception
was being held for those who attending the memorial
service. Harm had stepped out of the room to check in
with Bud.
Mac scanned the crowd for Sam....she finally spotted
him in the far corner of the room talking with a brown
haired man.
As Sarah made her way through the group of people she
recognized the brown haired man next to Sam as the
deputy chief of staff, Josh Lyman.

"Sorry to interupt."Mac stated quietly as she stood
next to Seaborn,"Sam, I need to talk with you for a

Sam nodded. "Sure."He looked back at Lyman. "I'll
catch up with you later."

"Okay."Josh replied as he moved into the crowd in
search of his assistant. 


"This was a stupid plan!"A red haired young man in his
twenties hissed as he pushed himself away from the
wall of the small room. "What's the point of holding
her hostage if everybody thinks she's dead?"

A blond man about the same age glared at his friend as
he glanced up from the television. "Boss knows what's
right. It'll work out."

end of part 6 TBC





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