Title: Broken Dreams
Author: Cindy Brewer
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disclaimer: I don't own them and am making no profit
Rating: PG-13
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The night of Zoey's memorial service Sam Seaborn sat
in Sarah's apartment staring at an endless stack of
files that covered the living room table. It was
nearly eight o'clock and they were just getting to the
half way point of the secret service files on white
supremacist groups.

Mac jumped slightly when the deputy communications
director slammed a stack of ten folders down on the
sofa and stood. She watched with concern as Sam
stalked over to the window.

"This is getting us nowhere, Sarah."Sam stated quietly
not turning away from the window. "We've been at this
for five hours and we haven't even narrowed down a
list of suspects."

Sarah set down the files she was looking at and stood.
"Why don't we stop for the night? It's been a long day
for you."

Sam shook his head as he turned to face her. "I'm
okay. Let's get back to work....I want to have
something to show the President tomorrow."

Mac nodded as the two friends turned and walked back
into the living room. "Harm had a meeting with Webb
tonight, maybe the CIA's come up with something."

Sam retook his seat on the sofa as he looked at her.
"What do you know about this Webb?"

Sarah grinned. "He's your typical CIA operative but
deep down he has a good heart. He'll keep on this
until we find out who did it."

"I hope so."Sam replied wearily. "I see that limo
exploding every time I close my eyes. I can only
imagine the hell that Bartlet's going through. Zoey
deserves justice."

Sarah reached over and covered Seaborn's hand with
hers. "We will find the people responsible, Sam. I


President Jed Bartlet stepped out of the oval office
and scanned the White House lawn. Charlie had eaten
dinner with them in the residence but neither of them
had seen him since. This was Jed's last stop before he
sent the secret service out.
As he stepped off the sidewalk the President finally
spotted his personal aide sitting under a tree.

"Abby's been looking for you."Jed stated quietly as he
came up behind the young man. "It's time for your

Charlie nodded. "I didn't mean to worry her, but I had
some thinking to do."

"She isn't the only one worried about you."Bartlet
replied as he rested a hand on the back of Young's
wheel chair.

"I was going to leave this on your desk
tomorrow."Charlie said quietly as he turned to face
his boss holding a folded piece of white paper.

The President glanced down at the piece of paper and
frowned. "If that's what I think it is you can tear it

Charlie grasped the arms of the wheel chair for
support and gingerly stood. "You trusted me with your
daughter's saftey."The youth's voice trembled and
broke forcing him to swallow hard and start again. "I
let her down and...."

Jed grasped his friend's shoulder. "Charlie, stop."

The young black man instantly broke off his sentence.

"Did you see them plant the bomb in the limo?"Bartlet
asked grimly.

Charlie shook his head. "No, Sir."

"Then there is no way in hell that this is your fault
and Zoey would be the first to tell you that."The
President replied quietly.

Several long moments passed both men lost in their

"Come on."Bartlet stated gruffly as he gestured for
Young to sit back down in the wheel chair. "Let's go
back to the residence before you catch pneumonia." 

end of part 7 TBC





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