Title: Broken Dreams
Author: Cindy Brewer
email: cindyryan7@y...
disclaimer: I don't own them and am making no profit
Rating: PG-13
Archive: Yes just let me know where
Notes: Sorry this part is short but it's finals

Sarah replaced the coffeepot just as the phone rang.
She grabbed the cordless from the kitchen wall as she
passed balancing two mugs of coffee.


"Mac? It's Harm."Rabb replied as he leaned against the
steering wheel.

Sarah handed one mug to Sam as she set her own down on
the small table. "Where are you, a bar?"

Harm glared at the gridlock in front of him. "No,
caught in a traffic jam."

"How'd your meeting with Webb go?"Mac asked as she sat

Rabb shook his head. "Hit another brick wall. The
informant that Webb swore would break the case wide
open never showed up."

"Damn."Sarah replied softly. "How did Webb take it?"

Harm smirked. "The way Webb usually takes stuff like
this. If the guy isn't dead by now he will be when
Webb gets a hold of him."

Mac glanced at Sam. "Bud's still digging through the
secret service background files. Hopefully something
there will point us in the right direction."

"It better."Harm replied as the line of traffic
finally started to move. "I hate spinning my wheels on
this, Mac. It's been nearly a week.....if we don't
find a lead soon we may never find out who was behind
the bombing."

Sarah nodded as she picked up a new stack of files.
"Sam and I are still sifting through the supremacist
files that the Secret Service sent over. I'll let you
know if we find anything."

"I'll update the Admiral and then try to catch a few
hours sleep."Rabb replied as he turned off the
interstate."Night, Mac."

"Good night, Harm."Sarah replied quietly as she hung
up the phone.


Clayton Webb groaned as the insistent ringing of his
phone sliced through his slumber. The CIA agent sighed
as he reached to his right and plucked the phone off
the nightstand.


"I told you to come alone, Webb."

Clayton jerked upright instantly awake as he
recognized the voice on the other end. "You know I
work by my own rules, Bennett. Where the hell were

"Protecting my own interests, mainly my own neck.
These people aren't exactly the boy scouts."

Webb glanced at the clock, nearly two in the morning.
"It's late, Bennett if you don't have anything useful
to say....."

"She's alive, I've seen her."Bennett replied. "But if
you want any info my usual fee has tripled."

Webb gripped the phone tighter in an effort to calm
himself down. "Bennett, this is not the case you want
to screw people on, trust me. I've seen Bartlet mad
and you do not want to get on his bad side. Tell me
where she is and you'll be a bona fide hero."

Bennett snickered. "There's only one kind of hero and
that's a dead hero. Triple the amount Webb, I'm sure
you remember our usual place and our usual time."

The next minute Webb was listening to nothing but the
dial tone. In frustration Clayton threw the cordless
phone against the wall. It shattered and fell to the
hard wood floor. 

End of part 8 TBC




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