Title: Broken Dreams
Author: Cindy Brewer
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Disclaimer: I don't own them and am making no profit

Harriet Roberts went to the bathroom to get a glass of
water and on her way back she noticed the light was
still on in the living room. The blonde woman sighed
as she walked down the hallway.....Bud had been
digging through the Secret Service background files
since he had got off work.

"Anything?"Harriet asked as she stood behind the sofa
resting her hands on her husband's shoulders as she
glanced at the clock on the wall, three a.m..

Bud nodded distractedly as he typed away at the
keyboard of his laptop. "I think so and if I'm right
we've been looking at this whole thing the wrong way."

Harriet moved around the corner of the sofa and sat
down. "What can I do to help?"

Bud flashed her a grateful smile as he handed her a
stack of files. "I haven't gotten through these yet."


Sam Seaborn raised the coffee mug to his lips before
he realized it was empty. The dark haired man sighed
tiredly as he glanced over at Sarah who was asleep in
a nearby chair. Sam stood and walked over to the small
kitchen and went through the motions of brewing
another pot of coffee. 

As he waited for the machine to stop Sam recalled the
phone conversation Sarah had earlier with her partner.
Sam walked back to the sofa and pulled his cell phone
and computerized Rolodex out of his jacket pocket. He
found the number he was looking for and dialed it on
the way back to the kitchen.

"Danny?"Sam greeted after the fourth ring. "It's Sam
Seaborn. Yeah, I know what time it is....listen what
do you know about a Clayton Webb?"

JAG Headquarters
Falls Church, Virginia

Harmon Rabb entered his office at seven thirty the
next morning to find Bud Roberts asleep in one of the

Harm placed his hat and stack of files on his desk
before returning his attention to his friend. He
gently placed a hand on Bud's left shoulder and shook
him awake.


Roberts jumped three feet nearly sending the pile of
computer printouts on his lap flying to the floor.
"Did I fall asleep?"

Harm nodded as he pulled the other chair over. "Yeah,
you look like hell."

Bud glared at him slightly. "Thanks, I was up all
night but I think it was worth it. The limo explosion,
Sir, we've been going at it from the wrong direction."

Harm raised an eyebrow as he took the computer
printouts from the younger man. "So you're saying,
what, that this was just a random bombing?"

Bud shook his head as he gestured toward the
printouts. "No,Sir, far from it. The attack wasn't
directed at the first daughter like we thought but at
President Bartlet."

Rabb stood and grabbed his hat from his desk as he
glanced out the door. "Mac in yet?"

Bud shook his head. "No."

"See if you can find her and Webb."Harm replied as he
stepped into the hallway. "I'll fill the Admiral in."


"Hey CJ."Sam greeted the press secretary as he walked
by her office.

"Sam? Come here for a minute."The red haired woman

Sam poked his head into her office. "Yeah?"

CJ took her glasses off and rubbed the bridge of her
nose wearily. "Sam, next time you call Danny for
background information think of who his next call will

"Sorry CJ."Seaborn replied sheepishly. "Won't happen

"Better not."CJ stated as she replaced her glasses.

"How's the President doing?"Sam asked quietly as he
came to stand next to her desk.

Cregg shook her head sadly. "He's trying to put up a
brave front for everyone but you can see how this has
shattered him."

Sam nodded grimly as he raised the stack of computer
printouts he was holding. "Sarah and I may have
finally made some progress and come up with a lead or

"That's the best news I've heard all week."CJ replied
but her smile quickly vanished. "Sam, these guys play
hardball....watch your back."

Seaborn nodded. "I will. Anything else going on?"

CJ glanced toward the door. "It's Charlie's first day

"How's he doing?"Sam asked as he moved toward the

CJ shook her head sadly. "He's trying but I think it's
starting to hit him that she's gone."

"I'll talk to him."Sam replied quietly as he left her
office and headed toward his own.

end of part 9 TBC





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