Title: Darkness and Light 

Author: Cindy Brewer 

email: cindyryan7@yahoo.com 

disclaimer: I don't own them spoilers: What kind of day has it been 

Summary: Yet another take on the finale :) 

Notes: As always many thanks to Vicki for betaing

Josh Lyman woke with a start sitting straight up in bed. His body was covered with sweat. His heart was beating so fast he thought it was going to fly right out of his chest. His lungs were grasping for air as he struggled to catch his breath. Damn nightmares......Josh swore silently as he leaned back against the headboard and closed his eyes. He'd had them every night for the past three weeks. Three weeks since that awful night at the Newseum. Each dream was a different variation as to what had really occured that night.

Donna stirred next to him. She awoke fully when she saw him sitting against the headboard. "Another nightmare?" Moss asked quietly as she pulled herself into a sitting postion before resting a hand on his chest.

Josh nodded as he captured her hand with his. "They're all fine,Donna," he whispered hoarsely. "Hell none of them were even seriously injured, unless you count Toby's broken ribs and collar bone. So why am I still having these horrible dreams where they're bleeding......where they're dying....."

Donna pulled him toward her so his head was resting in her lap. She hated seeing him like this....night after night. Josh was in pain and there was nothing she could do to help him....except to hold him when he needed her.

"Josh, you watched something unspeakably horrible happen. People you care about were in mortal danger and you couldn't do anything to help from where you were," Donna replied softly as she stroked his hair lightly. "This is your mind's way of dealing with it."

Lyman met her gaze for a long moment before reaching up and tenderly touching her right cheek. "How did I get so lucky as to have you in my life, Donnatella?" he whispered huskily. "You don't know how grateful I am that you were there for me the last few awful weeks. I honestly don't know if I could've gotten through it without you."

"You would have," Donna whispered tearfully. She had come so close to losing him that day.

Josh sat up and tenderly wiped the tears away from her cheeks. "I love you Donatella," he replied quietly as he leaned forward so their noses were only inches apart.

"I love you too, Joshua," Donna whispered just as his lips captured hers.




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